October 11, 2021

Everyone wants to lose weight. Some people want a toned body while others want to get rid of excess body fat for better health.

Weight loss struggles are everywhere and we tend to hear these stories from all around. Someone tells us that following a particular diet was helpful for them to lose weight. Someone else will give credit to a magic diet and even you will see people advocating the use of weight loss pills or supplements.

Why is it Important to Lose Weight Right?

No matter what the reason you are trying to lose weight for, make sure to follow the right protocol so you can achieve your fitness goals without causing damage to your existing body functions. If not done right, the poor weight loss strag=tegies can cause long term damage to you.

I remember one of my friends who did a crash diet to lose weight. Though she lost 25kg in a shorter time span but ended up suffering from severe anemia. Later she went to Iqra Medical Complex where she was treated for anemia. This overall changed my scenario.

Common Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

Weight loss mistakes are quite common and anyone can become a victim to these. So, here I’m adding a few common weight loss mistakes that you should avoid at any cost.

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1- Skipping your breakfast is one of the most common weight loss mistakes you can make because breakfast is one of the most important meals of your day and skipping it can be the mistake you can begin your day with.

2- Giving up on carbs because you think carbs can make you fat. Well, this is not completely true and carbs should remain in our diet no matter how much weight you intend to lose.  Carbs are the primary source of energy and our body needs them to function well, so you can’t skip carbs completely from your diet.

3- No physical activity is next in the list of common weight loss mistakes. Many people might think that they can simply lose weight without any type of physical activity. Though diet control plays a major role in your weight loss progress, doing physical activity can be helpful in boosting your weight loss progress.

4- Checking weight daily is another common weight loss mistake committed by people. Be mindful that there is no need of standing up on a scale every single day and this will only affect your weight loss progress in the long run.

5- Only relying upon scale, this is one thing most of us do. We tend to measure our weight loss progress in kgs That is not the only way to do so. Among other ways to monitor your progress, you can keep an eye on your mass to fat ratio so you can measure it right and have a realistic picture of what’s going inside your body.

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6- Not assessing the calories right is one of the most common problems with weight loss and can significantly affect your outcomes. You can over or underestimate the calories you are consuming and in either case this is bad for you. If you consume too few calories, this will leave you drained leading to nutritional deficiencies. In contrast, if you consume too many calories you will not lose weight.

7- Lesser protein is one of the weight losses mistakes that can affect your overall progress to a greater extent. When your intake too little protein this starts dissolving your muscle mass alongside fats that aren’t good for you in any case.

8- Drinking your calories could be another reason you are not losing weight. When you drink calories, this automatically adds to your daily calorie budget. Calories you drink can affect your weight loss progress to a greater extent.

9- Not sleeping well can be the enemy behind your consistent scale number. This is because when you don’t sleep enough it messes up your body systems and their progress affecting the rate of weight loss. So, whenever trying to lose weight you should be considerate about your sleep hygiene.

10- Expecting too much because a friend of yours followed the same approach and lost weight at a much faster rate. However, weight loss progress can vary from person to person and depends on the individual’s body responses. Be mindful the struggle is yours and can go as unique as you are.

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