September 5, 2022

There’s something very hypnotizing about applying kajal in your eyes and nobody can ignore eyes that have Kajal or ‘Kohl’ in them.  Kajal adds a mesmerizing charm to the eyes and enhances every look.  There are a lot of experimental looks that can be created by applying kajal and which will add an edge to every look and style.

But, before applying kajal pencil under your eyes should be clean, otherwise dark kajal will end up making the under eyes look even darker.  Kajal pencil is also a very efficient way to achieve a winged look provided it’s not too blunt.

As such, to add to your arsenal of makeup ideas for your eye makeup, we present your 12 Jaw Dropping Kajal Application Ideas that will level up your eye makeup game. With these simple and easy-to-use ideas, which are as effective as they are easy, you will be able to create the eye makeup you want, based on the occasion.

1. Basic look

A basic kajal look can be easily done in 3 minutes and it can be applied quickly, especially when someone is in a rush. When kajal is applied on the upper and lower lash line with an equal amount, it’s called the basic look. The kajal can be thickened as per one’s desire.

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2. Smoky eyes

Smoky eyes are the favorite application idea of every woman. It offers a bold, dramatic, and daring style and is perfect for every occasion. It is a tricky look to create and generally depends on the size of the eyes.

To create this look, apply kajal on the upper lash line, and rub the eyelids with the help of gel. It will have the desired smoky effect.

3. Gothic kajal look

The goth style looks the best when it is tidy, and it normally appears black and spooky.

To achieve the look, apply your kajal pencil heavily and apply thick kajal with dark-colored eye shadows to achieve the perfect Gothic kajal look.

4. Winged kajal look

Winged looks never go out of fashion, this look is meant to be fierce and wild. To perfectly achieve the look, apply the kajal with a kajal pencil on the upper lash line. Be aware that it should be a bit higher as applying it higher gives the effect of a winged look to your eyes because of the upward curve.

5.  Doe look

Doe look has been in trend since the 60s and 70s. The credit for the popularity of the doe look goes to actresses and models from the 60s era. A doe look can be achieved by applying very thick kajal on the lash lines of both the eyes and then by making a slight ‘U’ shape at the corner of both the eyes.

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6. Upper lash line

This look is best suited for formal wear and when someone wants to achieve a formal look, they can apply this look with a kajal pencil. When you apply kajal on the upper lash line and not on the lower lash line, the look is achieved perfectly. There’s little that can go wrong with this look, and it will go with any and all formal wear.

7. Lower lash line

While the upper lash line gives you a formal look, the lower lash line is an idea that is most suited to a no-makeup look or when you simply want to go for a day out without having to invest significant time in your makeup. Simply applying Kajal to your lower lash line will give you a gorgeous look.

8. Stark Eyes

As the name suggests, this application method makes your eyes pop out in your makeup. The application method includes lightening your eyelids. The lightening of eyelids is achieved by using an eyeshadow of white shade before applying kajal. The kajal is then applied in an angular way keeping the thickness of the lines high on both the lash lines.

9. Thick Dark Eyes

This can be seen as an evolution of the basic look. Some women prefer their kajal lines to be thinner while some prefer their kajal lines to be thicker. To get the thick kajal effect, you will have to apply the kajal pencil 3 to 4 times on your lash lines to get the desired effect.

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10. Double Winged Eyes

Special occasions call for special makeup and the double-winged eyes makeup is the perfect eye makeup for any special event. Both the lashes get their individual styling which creates a great effect. The upper lash line gets a high-flying wing curved upwards whereas the lower lash line is given a downward trajectory.

  1. Reverse Smokey Eyes

The classic Smokey Eyes can be applied in another way by simply reversing the area where you are applying the kajal. Instead of creating a Smokey effect on the upper eyelash, just execute the process on your lower eyelashes for reverse Smokey eyes. The style was made famous by actresses and models during the 80s and 90s.

12. Arabian Kajal Eyes

Arabian kajal style creates an exotic eye look for your makeup and will ensure that your look is a head-turner wherever you go. To apply this style, use scotch tape beneath your lower lash and angle it towards your temple area. Now use your kajal pencil to apply kajal and then smudge it with a smudging brush. You will have to extend the lines of the outer corner towards your temple and lines of the inner corner downward with your nose bridge. Remove the scotch tape and you have your Arabian kajal eyes.

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Of all the 12 kajal ideas that we discussed above, you can always experiment with the thickness or smudge levels of your kajal, and you can even use eyeliners in consonance with your kajal pencil to create fresh looks. You can also use colored pencils to breathe life in your kajal makeup. Such kajal ideas will be helpful to you regardless of the occasion and you can always be confident of your traditional eye makeup done in a modern way.

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