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April 1, 2022

The Civil Services Examination consists of three different stages – prelims, mains and the interview/personality round. The preliminary stage is only qualifying in nature, and the marks scored in this round are not added to the final cumulative marks. However, it is important to clear the first stage because it is the entry ticket for the next level. The next stage is the written (main) examination, which consists of 9 papers of conventional essay type in the subjects set out by the commission. Out of these 9 papers, two papers are qualifying in nature and the other papers are counted for merit ranking.

The next round is the interview/personality test, where the candidates are questioned about their general interests. The interviewers assess the personal suitability of the candidate for a career in public service. Also, the interview/personality test is intended to judge the mental calibre of a candidate. To know more about the experience of IAS toppers in the interview and their journey of hard work and success, check the linked article. In this article, you will read some effective tips to crack the Interview stage.

Tips to Crack the IAS Interview

The candidates who clear the main (written) examination are called for the interview stage. It is to be remembered that not everyone who is called for the interview stage gets selected and gets a place on the merit list. The number of candidates to be summoned for the interview/personality test will be about twice the number of vacancies to be filled. The candidates should know that the interview/personality test will carry 275 marks (with no minimum qualifying marks).

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There is a possibility of rejection after attending the interview stage also. Therefore, the candidates have to prepare well for the interview, and here are some effective tips useful to crack the IAS Interview.

  1. Be confident with great energy – On the interview day, be confident and full of energy. This is possible when you have prepared well, given enough mock interviews, and are well aware of your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Be positive and don’t be overconfident – On the day of your interview, stay positive to crack the interview and at the same time, do not be overconfident because that might be felt by the interviewer as arrogant behaviour. Make sure you listen carefully and patiently answer all the questions.
  3. Strengthen your communication skills – Your intentions might be right, and you might have abundant knowledge in all matters. But, the interview board will know all about you when it is communicated properly. Therefore, develop your communication skills to present yourself in a better way.
  4. Know everything about your record of career – The candidate will be interviewed by a board, which will have a record before them of the candidate’s career. Therefore, know everything about what you have given in that record because direct questions can be asked from it.
  5. Be updated with current events – Don’t leave the habit of reading the newspaper if you have passed the mains exam. Questions in the interview can be based on current events happening in the country, in your own state, hometown or across the globe.
  6. Attempt mock interviews – Try and give as many mock interviews as possible because that will prepare you for the day. Take the views and suggestions from the mock interview panel members and try to work on them before the interview day.
  7. Be yourself – Do not pretend to be someone else in the interview, because it would be easily found out by the panel, as they are experts.
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To get more information on IAS Interview questions, guidance to crack this stage, guidelines to be followed, and the whole process of the Interview, check the linked article. The aspirants can get an overview of this stage and the above-mentioned tips might be helpful in cracking the UPSC interview.


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