May 5, 2022

People have been fearful of inhaling contaminated air or touching common surfaces ever since the COVID-19 pandemic struck. They are taking utmost health and safety measures to prevent contacting the coronavirus. However, the question is if these measures are enough. Is there a way to optimize them?

The answer is ‘yes’ and it lies in Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) technology.

What is UVGI?         

UVGI uses UV-C, a short wavelength ultraviolet light to disinfect the air, water, and surface. UV-C light ranges between 200 and 280 nm, which can quickly destroy microbes and pathogens by damaging their DNA and RNA and preventing their reproduction.

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It is becoming increasingly popular, especially in commercial, industrial, and public spaces. According to a report by Global Industry Analysts Inc., the global UVGI market is expected to reach a $682.9 million revenue size by 2026. The COVID-19 pandemic has been the primary growth driver in the adoption of UVGI technology in the last two years.

Why is UVGI Gaining Importance?

UVGI is gaining importance for the following reasons:

  • UVGI is a chemical-free process that not only helps in physical disinfection but also doesn’t leave any residues with optimal germicidal effect. It is safe, economical and environment-friendly.


  • ASHRAE states that UVGI can be used in conjunction with HVAC systems or in spaces to disinfect air and surfaces. It can alleviate transmission of diseases, control biofouling of cooling coils in air-handling units, and improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).
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  • An article published in the International Journal of Science Technology & Engineering highlights that UV is also effective against all waterborne pathogens. When water is exposed to UV light, it attacks harmful organisms and kills them.


  • Another research found UV radiation kills more than 99.99% of SARA-CoV-2, the virus responsible for coronavirus.

How Can Alfaa UV Help?

Alfaa UV has more than two decades of experience in providing modern and innovative UVGI solutions for HVAC systems, upper air, and surfaces. An ISO 9001 certified company, Alfaa UV provides its UV solutions for water and air across India and 15 countries.

Alfaa UV has several industry awards and recognition to its credit:

  • ‘Best Domestic UV Water Purifier’ award for Ewater and Sparkle UV water purifiers by Water Digest in association with UNESCO in 2015.
  • ASHRAE Acrex Award of Excellence 2016 and 2017 for ‘Indoor Air Quality’.
  • Design Excellence Award 2015 by CMO Asia in Singapore for Ewater 5 stage purifier.

Alfaa UV can implement UVGI solutions for the following applications across industrial, commercial, municipal, and HVAC and air purifier categories.

  • Drinking water disinfection
  • Process water disinfection
  • Wastewater disinfection
  • Swimming pool disinfection
  • Total Oxidizable Carbons (TOCs) reduction
  • Ozone destruction
  • Air disinfection
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The demand for Alfaa UV’s UVGI for HVAC has grown exponentially since the COVID-19 pandemic among hospitals, laboratories, food processing and production, hotels, food retail chains, shopping malls, IT parks, schools, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries. This is because HVAC systems can be a breeding ground for coronavirus. According to research published in Science Direct, HVAC units are vulnerable to microbial spreads, especially in increasing the diversity of indoor bacterial, fungal, and viral populations. Hence, it can increase the risk of coronavirus transmission, and several other respiratory and health issues.

Alfaa UV’s Ultra Coil and Ultra Duct UVGI systems use world-class UVC lamps and unmatched Reflector Technology with UL Certification to ensure that all air passing through the system is disinfected as it re-circulates in indoor spaces. The design ensures 100% exposure of the air to the UVC system.


Get in touch with Alfaa UV to know more.



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