August 21, 2021

Ever since television and the internet was invented, humans have had an insatiable desire for entertainment. This is evidenced by thousands of movies and tv shows being released every month worldwide. Aside from that, there are tons of artists, directors and film makers entering the film industry at a rapid rate. We should see an increase in demand for entertainment shows in the coming years.


Because of this, we’ve come far from just watching on televisions and theaters. Now, we have streaming services such as Netflix, Hotstar Mod APK and the likes. While these platforms provide on-demand streaming services, they cost a subscription fee. And for ordinary people, this is a luxury. This is why apps such as AOS TV exists to provide us with movies and tv shows for free! This revolutionary app allows you to stream thousands of channels to watch your favorite sports, news and shows! Aside from that, it features a lot of elements from the popular streaming services we know and love. Read on to learn more!

What is AOS TV?

The demand for movies and tv shows worldwide is massive. This is why countless movies and shows are being produced yearly just to fill this demand. Aside from that, cable subscriptions are getting obsolete as time goes by. This is because they are huge money wasters for most people. Aside from that, you can’t choose the channels you want to keep leaving you with plenty of ones that you don’t even use. Not to mention that people can’t possibly watch every single episode of their favorite shows when they’re busy.

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This is why streaming platforms such as Netflix came to existence. These streaming platforms provide on demand service which means that users can watch their shows anytime and anywhere. There’s no need to pay for channels that you don’t use anymore just because they are part of the package. Now, you can also watch any show or movie you want whenever you want! This is huge in world where convenience and instant gratification are valued more.


However, these streaming services comes at a monthly subscription cost. Something that many people don’t have the capacity to pay monthly. But thanks to free streaming services such as AOS TV, you don’t have to pay anything anymore! This revolutionary streaming app takes care of all your entertainment needs whether movies or tv shows. In here, you can watch tons of classics as well as modern videos. Did we mention that this is all for free? Talk about amazing and gratifying! Read on to learn more about this awesome app!

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Features of AOS TV

AOS TV is an awesome streaming app because it features tons of movies and tv shows for free! Browse the app’s vast collections and enjoy limitless viewing experience now! Here are its features:

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Thousands of titles – We’ve always been avid watchers of movies and tv shows. People nowadays are becoming more and more into movies and shows thanks to the existence of streaming services. There are popular ones such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. But these all cost a monthly subscription that most people can’t afford to pay. If you’re one of those people who rely on the internet to watch your favorite movies and shows, you’re in luck! AOS TV is a free streaming app that features thousands of titles available to watch! Now, you don’t have to pay a single cent just to watch any movie or tv show you want thanks to this app.


International channels – What makes this app so unique is that it features thousands of channels worldwide! Whether you want to watch shows from USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Canada, Portugal or more, you can watch them here in this app. Your local cable subscription isn’t capable of supporting tons of channels abroad. But thanks to this app, you now have a variety of channels to choose from for free!

Categories – The app also features categories to make streaming easier! In here you can find movies, shows, music, news, radio, religion, sports, science and more! The app does a good job of categorizing everything into their respective genres to provide a seamless experience. Now you truly don’t need to have an expensive local cable subscription or pay for a streaming service ever again. Everything is already in this app and you can find tons of movies and shows in every genre that you want.

Compatibility with devices – This revolutionary app is also compatible with Android supported devices such as Android TV Box, Android smartphones, Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield and so on. Because of this, you can stream to whatever device you want! No more limitations on your viewing experience.

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Easy interface – What makes popular streaming apps such as Netflix so expensive is the fact that the app has user friendly interface. This means that it provides everything you need in an easy to use app interface that even beginners can understand. But AOS TV also features a user-friendly interface for everyone! The app neatly categorizes the genres so that you can easily search for your favorite movie or tv show.


High-quality videos – The app also allows you to stream your movies and shows in HD resolutions! This means that you don’t have to suffer low-quality movies and shows anymore that are posted on some sites. You can also select the quality that you want your videos to stream to save on mobile data!

Audio track – If the movie or tv show you’re watching has multiple audio tracks, you can select which ones to use! Now, you don’t have to turn on subtitles just to watch your videos.

Cast – This revolutionary app also allows sharing of screen to another smart device such as a smart TV! This means that you can watch movies and shows on the big screen!

Chat – This app also features a chat support system that allows you to get help whenever you encounter a problem in the app.

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Favorite list – When you want to bundle your movies and shows together, you can add them to your favorites list! This list allows you to watch them all when you want to!

Search – Finding your movie or show has never been easier thanks to the search bar in AOS TV! Browse thousands of titles easily!

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