February 15, 2023

Try to picture yourself in a situation where you are terrified to sleep at night. Only one element that most people find peaceful brings out a profound sense of apprehension and worry in others, which is ironic given that most people find it relaxing. This anxiety disorder is known by its technical name, somniphobia. Somniphobia is the anxiety associated with falling asleep and remaining asleep once it has started.

During their lifetimes, a significant number of individuals will, at some point or another, be confronted with this anxiety. Perhaps a child watches a scary movie and, for the next few nights, is too terrified to sleep. Or, it’s possible that an adult is worried about being unable to rest for a month or two because of the higher number of burglaries in their neighborhood. These apprehensions are natural and will, in most cases, fade away with time.

On the contrary, someone who has somniphobia has a persistent phobia. Those who have to deal with its symptoms must contend with significant difficulties in their day-to-day lives. People who have somniphobia have an abnormally high level of anxiety when it comes to sleeping, may have problems with concentration during the day, may have trouble falling asleep at night, and may experience a variety of uncomfortable physical sensations when contemplating the idea of falling asleep, such as a racing heartbeat and feelings of nausea. Some people think that it has an evolutionary basis based on the fact that in times past, when we did not have the conveniences of contemporary life, our most vulnerable state was when we were sleeping.

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However, in today’s world, this concern is almost always unwarranted, and as a result, it can negatively impact our health and overall well-being. So it’s good that CBD gummies for sleep can help you with the trouble sleeping and anxiety you’ve been having.



A person who suffers from somniphobia experiences overwhelming feelings of fear and anxiety whenever they contemplate going to bed. It’s possible that they won’t go to bed at the usual time and instead remain up much past bedtime. Before going to bed, they might also exhibit outward signs of worry or even have full-blown panic episodes. This individual may constantly be talking about their fears and concerns. However, remember that persons who suffer from phobias frequently attempt to conceal their feelings of anxiety. This may be the result of feeling ashamed or embarrassed over anything.

There is also the manifestation of physical symptoms that are associated with the phobia. Those who suffer from somniphobia experience tremendous anxiety, which can manifest in various physical symptoms, including sickness, sweat, shivering, and a rapid heart rate. When you have a phobia, fear permeates every aspect of your life, making it difficult to carry out daily activities. You can’t help but keep thinking about what you’re terrified of. You find that your anxiety levels rise with each new thought you have about it, so you make it a priority to avoid thinking about it as much as possible. You shouldn’t be feeling the fear that you are since it’s not reasonable.

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  • putting off going to bed so you don’t have to deal with having to sleep
  • Having preoccupations over one’s sleeping habits both throughout the day and while awake at night
  • You’re having trouble focusing on the tasks in your daily life due to the significant worry you’re experiencing.
  • Having a short temper and being vulnerable to anxiety attacks are signs of being unstable.
  • A sense of dread and anxiety
  • Rate of heartbeat that is rapid
  • Yawning
  • Tense nerves


The inability to get enough sleep, which can be brought on by anxiety over falling or staying asleep, can make a person more irritable and unhappy. According to the findings of numerous pieces of research, one’s disposition can be significantly influenced by sleep. This indicates that you have a positive mood and feel good about yourself when you get enough quality sleep, but that when you don’t, you feel terrible about yourself.


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