Biography and Personal Life of PSY's Wife Yoo Hye Yeon
November 29, 2021

Biography and Personal Life of PSY’s Wife Yoo Hye Yeon

Biography and Personal Life of PSY's Wife Yoo Hye Yeon

Yoo Hye-Yeon is a Korean fashion designer and violinist. She achieved star status after marrying K-pop and international satirical pop star Park Jae-sang, aka Psy.



Graduated with a cello degree

Liu Huiyan opened her eyes March 10, 1989exist South Korea. She celebrates her birthday every March 10th and her zodiac sign is Pisces. Yoo has Korean nationality and she is of Asian ethnic background.

she finished school Yonsei University exist Seoul, Korea. She graduated with a degree in cello.

Yoo Hye Yeon’s Married Life with K-Pop Singer Psy

Liu Huiyan married her husband, Park Jae-sang who is called psychology. They tied the knot on October 14, 2006, after dating for over three years. Only close friends and family were invited to their wedding. Yoo is 12 years younger than her husband.

Liu Huiyan and her husband Psy at their weddingCaption: Hye Yeon Lau and her husband Psy on their wedding day (Photo: Celebrity Wardrobe)

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They have been dating since 2002 and met through mutual friends. The couple are lucky to have twin daughters. Despite an age difference of about 12 years, Yoo and Psy live happily ever after.

Who is Liu Huiyan’s husband?

Liu Huiyan’s husband, Park Jae-sang aka psychology is a South Korean singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer best known for his hit singles Gangnam style. At the time, his song went on to be one of the most played songs on the video sharing site, YouTube.

other works

In April 2013, he was appointed as Korea Tourism Ambassador.he was Harvard University in the same year.

Liu Huiyan's husband Psy gave a speechCaption: Liu Huiyan’s husband Psy gives a speech (Photo: Wikipedia)

Additionally, he has appeared in popular TV shows such as Saturday Night Live, hello counselor, radio star, and Fantastic duo. On June 8, 2013, he co-hosted the Canadian MuchMusic Video Awards.

Awards and Achievements

his song, Gangnam style Awarded multiple Guinness World Records, including Most Viewed Video Online, Most Viewed Video Online, and First Video with Over 1 Billion Views on YouTube. another of his songs, gentleman Awarded the Guinness World Record for most videos viewed online in 24 hours.

Liu Huiyan's husband Psy poses with the winnersCaption: Yoo Hye Yeon’s husband Psy poses with the winners (Photo: Zimbio)

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In 2006, he won the SBS Music Awards and the Hong Kong Mnet Asian Music Awards for his album, sajib. On November 30, 2012, he won four awards at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. Psy is considered the first K-pop artist to break through in the Western music scene. On May 25, 2017, he received the diamond play button from YouTube.

Liu Huiyan’s husband’s net worth

Yoo Hye-Yeon’s husband Psy has an estimated net worth of around $60 million. He was able to earn this money through his career as a singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer.

Liu Huiyan's husband Psy poses with his carCaption: Yoo Hye Yeon’s husband Psy poses with his car (Photo: Zimbio)

he got paid around $300,000 Performed in Malaysia in 2002. In 2012, he earned about $28 million.


Yoo and her husband, Psy, live in a luxury apartment in Westwood, Los Angeles.This $1.2 million The apartment is located on the fourth floor and has a balcony, laundry and breakfast corner.They also own a Hyundai Equus Costing exist range $33,000 arrive $68,000.

Liu Huiyan’s career

  • Yoo Hye-Yeon is a fashion designer and violinist. In addition, she has appeared in multiple commercials with her husband, including haute couture, Wonderful Pistachios, several endorsement deals, and a lucrative deal.

Yoo Hye Yeon, Korean fashion designerCaption: Yoo Hye Yeon, Korean fashion designer (Photo: Celebrity Wardrobe)

  • In 2010, she encouraged her husband Psy to join YG Entertainment after his military service.
  • Due to her restrained and mysterious personality, she rarely speaks about her career to the public and the media.
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  • In 2001, Psy released his first PSY of the Mental World However, it was fined by the South Korean government for inappropriate content.
  • The following year, he released two more albums, Sa 2 and 3 Psychology. The following year, he released his third album, 3 Psychology.
  • He made a comeback with his next studio album, titled sajib year 2006.

Liu Huiyan's husband PsyCaption: Yoo Hye Yeon’s husband Psy (Photo: Pinterest)

  • To date, he has released many songs and albums such as Psychology Five (2010), Psychology 6 (rule of six), part 1 (2012), Chiljip Psy-da (2015), 4X2=8 (2017) et al.
  • He is recognized for his pop songs, Gangnam style, gentleman, And The Hangover is considered the most viewed song on YouTube.

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