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August 6, 2021

When the entire world was put into lockdown, there arose an app to help people engage in audio-based chats. The app stands out from other social media apps by enabling users to participate in voice-based chats and discussions. Within a short span of time, Clubhouse rose to fame, leaving behind the other social media apps. 

With every passing day, the app is becoming more popular and trendy among folks. For all those enthusiasts who are much interested in launching audio-based social media apps, the Clubhouse clone will be the right alternative you would find elsewhere. 

What made people go crazy towards Clubhouse?

Ever since its launch in 2020, it is making big news around the world. However, during the first three months of 2021, the app was much-hyped. The Clubhouse was the first to start this trend, and people started accepting it. This has led several big shots like Spotify, Facebook, Twitter to launch their audio and podcast features to captivate the audiences. 

Let us dive deep to have a look at the revolution it has created in the past few months,

  • In May 2020, there were only 1500 users. But, currently, it has secured 16th position among various other social media networks.
  • The CEO of Clubhouse has admitted that they have gained around 10 million users in this short span of time. 
  • At present, the app is available in 154 countries globally. 

The above-mentioned numbers are just a snippet to show how it has grown since its inception. Audio-based social media is something that is very new for all of us. The app was launched during the global lockdown. This clear-cut strategy was another reason for their massive hit in the market. 

For quite a long time, people were waiting for an app to engage in audio chats with others. More Than sending text messages, people always have a desire to interact in voice chats. Video chat apps are not that engaging for people. Every time they have to turn off their camera for better interaction with their friends. But, Clubhouse is quite unique and enables users to engage in smooth voice-based interactions. 

How to Build a Voice Chat App like Clubhouse

Why investing in developing an audio-based app like Clubhouse will be a great start?

The huge user base of Clubhouse has made entrepreneurs, and other popular brands go crazy. This is the reason why Spotify launched its alternative called Greenroom within a short period of time. Facebook has recently introduced a feature for groups to engage in audio discussions. Twitter’s Space allows people to conduct discussions over topics with other users. 

This cut-throat competition is the key that enables entrepreneurs to come up with their unique ideas. If you are interested in joining the marathon of audio-based apps, the Clubhouse clone app will be the right choice for you. The Clubhouse clone will have similar features to the original app. With this app, you can head over to the market in no time.

Some of the intriguing features not to miss out in your Clubhouse clone app development 

When discussing developing an app like Clubhouse, it is potentially important to revive some of the original features. Below, I have listed some of the vital features to not miss in your app. 

  • Rooms 

Rooms! It might sound like having a typical house kind of set-up. Rooms are the forum where people will engage in discussions on various topics. The users can join the rooms and become a part of their discussions. They also have the freedom to leave the discussion mid-way if they are not interested in continuing further. 

  • Clubs 

Clubs are like communities where people can create clubs and enroll members into them. Within their clubs, they can engage in discussions privately without inviting other users. They can also have open discussions with other users of the app. 

  • Hallway 

The Hallway is like a feed page or a home screen that will list all the audio meeting rooms posted by the other users or clubs that they have in their follow list. 

  • Calendar 

When it comes to remembering events, all of us will step back. So, for the users to not miss out on any events or discussions, they can mark them on the in-app calendar. The calendar will notify and remind the users about their upcoming events. 

What are the best ways to earn your revenue with a Clubhouse clone script?

When you launch your app in the market, your first and foremost aim is to generate revenue through it. With your Clubhouse app clone, you can generate revenue in the following ways. 

  1. Premium accounts – In this model, the users can pay their premium fee and upgrade their app.
  2. Paid app services – The approach is clear straight in this model where the users have to pay for accessing the app.
  3. Advertisements – Apps like Clubhouse also encourage businesses to propagate their brands to people. You can allow businesses to market their products in the app and charge your ad fee for the same.
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Wrapping up,

Audio-based social media apps are the talk of the town. People have become vividly more captivated by the app. There are also high chances of it becoming the future of social media apps. The Clubhouse clone app scripted with well-defined features will surely rake you to high success.

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