May 23, 2022

Even cryptocurrencies have moved beyond just cryptocurrencies and have diverged into offering their users a lot more than simply being forms of investment. Interested investors have also started looking for the several different aspects that each crypto provides to their customers to be able to accurately predict how they might do in the future and the advantages associated with investing in them. Several factors come into play about investing in stocks, assets, or even cryptocurrencies. While being associated with cryptos often proves to be a roller-coaster ride for most, it is by far, the most lucrative opportunity for their investors.

Since there are no certain trends and patterns that investing in cryptos follows, it is important to be able to recognize how certain cryptos might do based on what they offer. Essentially, look for cryptocurrencies that are more than just ‘coins’ or tokens for investment.

  1. Ethereum – The all-time high value of Ethereum had reached 4,891 dollars in November 2020. The ETH to INR value is also high. Since its inception, it has always been the second-most dominant cryptocurrency at the worldwide level. It is one of the most actively used blockchains.

What it offers – Investing in Ethereum seems to be lucrative for several different reasons:

  • It pioneered the idea of decentralized finance that cuts out the intermediate institutes like – banks, brokers, and centralized exchanges.
  • Ethereum 2.0 is expected to launch soon that will bring about a better and more sustainable model – proof-of-stake. This should help bring ether into the good books of the environment-friendly and cautious people.
  1. Ripple – Ripple and the token, XRP is a system that deals in the settlements of payments and currency exchanges on a global scale. It was designed with the aim in mind to replace SWIFT. For Indian enthusiasts, the Ripple to INR price can be deduced by looking at the live prices on different platforms.
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What it offers – Being highly in demand by big financial institutes and banks globally, Ripple has several advantages:

  • The settlements conducted by ripple are confirmed at a super-fast rate. Within 4-5 seconds, as compared to 4-5 days in banks, this network can wire the money anywhere in the world at a low cost
  • Santander and Bank of America use this network popularly and this is encouraging other renowned names to be associated with Ripple.
  1. Litecoin – Sounding similar? Yes, it is similar to bitcoin as it was created as a competition to bitcoin. It was created to mitigate certain shortcomings that bitcoin seemed to have like the slow processing of transactions, mining issues, etc. The aim of the engineering of LTC was to be used as a method of fast, safe, and cheaper payments.

What it offers – The popularity of Litecoin extends beyond its competition with BTC as it has a lot of advantages in itself:

  • Litecoin is a highly liquid asset that makes it an easy-to-trade cryptocurrency on a global scale. It is also associated with several merchants like SlingTV, and the American Red Cross that accept Litecoin as a method of payment.
  • Since the transactions are faster and cheaper than that of bitcoin, this LTC is gaining an advantage over the most-dominant network.
  1. Tron – This blockchain-based operating system allows its users to be creative and support creative artists. The users on the platform can create their dApps and share media content directly with others. Using the TRX token, one can easily gain access to the massive number of features this platform provides. Rewarding the content creators was the vision for the development of Tron
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What it offers – The media industry is highly controlled and no autonomy is given to the artists displaying their work. Here is how Tron combats that:

  • It eliminates the middleman, therefore, as the artists share their work, the users will be able to directly reward and pay the original creators using TRX.
  • The transaction and the Tron network is free of cost which is another major appeal for most people in India and across the globe.

These cryptos and many others are making sure to offer more and more to their potential customers. This increases their values and their overall appeal to the population.

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