December 8, 2021

If you’re interested in having younger-looking skin – and let’s face it, who isn’t? – one of the best ways to get it is through the use of dermaplaning near me services. Involving the use of a surgical-grade scalpel, a trained therapist is able to scrape away dead skin and peach fuzz hair, revealing the new, vibrant-looking skin that lies underneath.

Usually carried out every three to four weeks, repeat treatments are usually scheduled after the skin has gone right the way through it’s ‘rejuvenation cycle’, allowing time for the vellus hair to grow back. To ignore this aspect is to prevent you getting the best results.

So, What Are the Overall Benefits of Dermaplaning Near Me?

We’ve already mentioned that the main benefits of dermaplaning come from the fact that all the dead skin cells are removed, but there are a number of other advantages to having the treatment done. Let’s take a look at a few of them…

  • You’ll get a brighter, more even skin tone after dermaplaning
  • The appearance of any scarring you might have can be reduced
  • It provides you with a blank canvas on which to apply makeup
  • Your skin is better able to absorb other products used

One of the great things about this particular treatment is that it uses the body’s own regeneration mechanisms to achieve great results.

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What’s It Like After the Treatment?

Post-treatment, it’s vital that you look after your skin, as it directly relates to what you’ll get out of the treatment. Among the things you should avoid for the first 24 hours are:

  • Using steam or sauna rooms
  • Wearing makeup
  • Have other facial treatments of any kind
  • Engaging in moderate/severe physical exercise
  • Using exfoliating products on the area treated
  • Cleaning your face with harsh products
  • Going out unprotected in direct sunlight
  • Rubbing your face dry
  • Using a washcloth – fingers are best

So, What SHOULD You Be Doing Afterwards?

Ok, so after your dermaplaning near me treatment, there are some things that you should actively be doing to give yourself the best possible results. They include following a basic skin routine for the first 14 days of treatment, using the mildest products you have.

Moisturizing is also vital for freshly-dermaplaned skin, as it needs all the hydration it can get. Some also find the use of retinol products or those containing vitamin C to be helpful in this regard.

Frequency of Treatments – What’s Ideal?

Obviously, as the skin replenishes itself on an ongoing basis, dermaplaning benefits are not permanent, so you will have to keep going back to enjoy them for the long term. But how often? Well, according to the experts, the ideal time between sessions is 2-3 weeks.

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Have it done any sooner than this and you risk irritating the skin unnecessarily, but don’t worry too much about that, as your dermatologist should steer you right.

A Great, Painless Treatment For Great-Looking Skin

Out of all the many things that you can do for your skin, dermaplaning near me is one of the most gentle, affordable and effective ways to support it.

Forget anything bad you may have heard about the treatment, as it’s one the best around and if there’s any issue with your skin type or complexion, your clinician will give you all the guidance you need.

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