August 19, 2021

A dissertation, or a thesis, is a lengthy piece of academic writing, based on organic research. It is usually submitted as part of a PhD or master’s degree. while it can also be submitted forming part of a bachelor’s degree. A dissertation is certainly the longest piece of writing someone has ever worked upon and it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Writing a dissertation in finance and accounting is a truly rewarding endeavour .Because one has the opportunity to juxtapose technical accounting concepts while exploring fascinating real-life case studies. However, in order to begin the writing work. it is necessary to understand the concept of financial accounting in order to come up with really interesting topics to discuss.

Here, we will try to explain the concepts attributed to finance and accounting before providing an outline of dissertation topics relevant to accounting and finance. Accounting focuses on gathering enough information to help business owners and investors make well informed decisions. Finance is the professional concept that covers the raising of funds .How they should be invested by a business. This article discusses some of the most favourite topics for finance and accounting dissertation.

  Some of the most popular topics in accounting are financial accounting,  accounting management, auditing, tax accounting, bookkeeping, e-accounting/online accounting, accounting information system, money measurement etc. 

When considering finance dissertation, finance portfolios, share prices, capital investment, financial planning, microfinance, CSR, financial crisis and banking industry are some of the most favourite topics among scholars for the given purpose.


Finance and accounting dissertation topics relevant to specific situations are discussed below. Dissertations relevant to current findings and present scenario are highly impactful and impressive. Scholars should try to maintain consistency and relevance throughout the research paper to stand out from the crowd.

  • Investigating the Meaning of Accounting and its interlinking with language: This is quite an innovative topic for research. Accounting is a very fundamental concept and requires master level skills in the language concerned. Various studies so far have shown that initial education in native language helps in developing learning capabilities and sharpens individuals’ analytical mind.
  • The History of Finance and Accounting and Their Application in Modern Times:
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Investing the process of evolution of any particular discipline, and examining its relevance in the present times can prove to be an interesting topic not just in the accounting and financing thesis but also holds relevant for other disciplines too.


  • Luca Pacioli’s Contribution to the Advancement of Financial Accounting:

The renowned Italian mathematician is remembered as the father of accounting and bookkeeping. He contributed the double entry method to the field of accounting. This method ensures error elimination and simplifies the record keeping process.


  • E-accounting/ online accounting: With digitisation of almost all kinds of work, accounting is something that requires digitisation on priority lines. Even the digitisation process of accounting business is almost accomplished globally and has expedited the work process manifold. Working on this dynamic concept can be an enlightening experience for researchers.

  • The Importance of Financial accounting in the Development of Business Strategies: Financial accounting involves collection and storage of data in such a manner that facilitates analytical process. Such analysis helps to draw conclusions on various subjects, which can be further used to design business strategies.



  • Account codes: Account codes are a very important element in the accounting and finance sector. A detailed study on this matter can be an impactful one and help the researchers explore various dimensions of the keyword.

  • Understanding Financial Statements’ Importance in Corporate Accounting: Financial statements designed to satisfy the needs of a range of categories are quite a significant element in finance and accounting. They monotonously qualify as a subject for dissertation.


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  • Investigating the Concept of the Income Statement and Its Relationship to Financial Statements: Income statements are structured documents that present relevant data in an organised manner. They are financial statements. A study analysing their link with overall financial statements can be an eligible contender.


  1. How the Practice of Societates Publicanorum Laid the Groundwork for Stock Exchanges: Societates Publicanorum gives an insight into the ancient roman practice of stock trading. It is quite an interesting topic to research upon. Researchers can handpick this topic and it won’t fail to amaze them with awe inspiring practice of ancient Rome.


  • The Dutch Indian Trade Company Agreement of 1602 and the Stock Market Structure: Digging into history to understand the present traditions can be an adventurous experience. It can fill the researchers’ coffers with knowledge of economic history and help them learn from the trends.

Dissertation topics for accounting and finance

There are wide ranging topics available for the purpose of dissertation in all the disciplines, from mathematics to history and English to accounting. What holds the utmost significance is that the researcher should have genuine interest in the chosen topic so that they can adequately explore the topic and gain valuable information out of their research. This not only creates an opportunity for them to present a remarkable piece of work but also to gain knowledge for themselves.

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