October 24, 2022


With its own GPS, cellular connection and built-in microphone and speaker, your Apple Watch can do more than just give you updates on your daily activity or remind you of upcoming events. If you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation or need emergency assistance, your Apple Watch could be a lifesaver. In fact, it’s one of the few smartwatches in the market that has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA). So how can Apple Watch save your life? The short answer: it depends on what type of emergency you encounter.


Talk to Siri

You can speak to Apple Watch to get things done even if you don’t want to raise your wrist. Say something like Siri, I need help or Siri, call 911, and Siri will automatically launch a notification that includes buttons for requesting help from emergency services and contacting people in a predetermined list of contacts. Besides talk to online casinos from your smartphone.


Use SOS feature

If an emergency situation arises while you’re away from your iPhone—for instance if a heart attack were to occur or a fire broke out in a public place—you could use SOS mode to reach local emergency services and friends and family. You can also set up emergency contacts in Health app to let them know when you need urgent assistance or check-ins.

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Call Emergency Services

When a real emergency happens, like a fall or an accident or if someone is bleeding profusely you don’t want to be fumbling around with buttons to call 911. Activating SOS mode on Apple Watch will immediately dial 911 and send out an alert that includes your location data. Just hold down one of the side buttons (on some models) until you hear a confirmation tone.


Get Emergency Medical Information

With a flick of your wrist and a tap of a finger, get medical information like signs and symptoms of heart attacks and strokes. If you don’t know whether to call 911, just ask Siri or check out what medical professionals recommend in My Medical ID. Don’t forget about SOS Apple Watch can automatically call emergency services for you if you need it. Discover more about it from https://www.cinemacasino.com/casino-games/ site.


Track the Person in Trouble

Your Apple Watch has an SOS feature that allows you to press a side button three times in rapid succession to send an emergency message to your emergency contacts and local 911 dispatchers. To initiate an SOS alert from your watch, go to Settings > Emergency SOS > Add Emergency Contact. You can also ask Siri for help by saying Hey Siri, call 911 or Hey Siri, call [contact name].

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Inform Your Emergency Contacts About the Incident

Your emergency contacts will get an alert in case of an emergency event and will be able to check in on your location. You can also choose to share specific information with them from Medical ID so they are aware of any allergies or medication that you’re taking. (This can be turned off for individual contacts.) If you don’t want a particular contact to receive notifications during an emergency, simply remove them as a contact. If you ever need assistance right away, just press firmly on your watch face to call 911. And if someone else is nearby and has access to your iPhone, they can use Siri by saying Hey Siri, call 911. This feature is available only in select countries where local laws allow it.

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