September 30, 2021

Nowadays the working structure of an organization is frequently changing due to the changing business environment which makes it mandatory for the HR team to train its employees so that they can contribute to the goals of the organization. Employees are a vital asset for the company. It is essential to invest in the best employee training software so that world-class training can be provided to them. So, let’s know all about employee training software.


What is Employee Training Software?


The employee training software is a software application that allows the human resource management team to impart necessary training to their employees. The organizations not only can create and assign the training and development programs according to their requirements but also can monitor the progress and track the completion rates. Employee training software facilitates the employees to complete the online training course at their own pace. Online training modules assist the staff in retaining the details more efficiently than compared to conventional training programs. Employee training software provides various tools that allow the HR teams to standardize the overall procedure of the training and development courses by imparting a variety of interactive content, educational quizzes, tools, online courses, games, etc into the program.

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What are the features of Employee Training Software?


The below-given are some important features of employee training software:


  • Personalized learning paths: Employee training software allows the HR team to create personalized training courses for their employees that encourage the learners to keep continuing the training program. It combines all courses to create a sequential path to achieve the overall goal of training.
  • Online multimedia course content: A training and development can be made more engaging by adding multimedia content formats such as video, audio, assignments, and live sessions into the course. Employee training software has this feature that allows the organization to do this invaluable.
  • Mobile–friendly learning: Your employees may be too busy to attend the training program. The HR team should focus on the vital element that influences engagement accessibility. Mobile-friendly learning provides an opportunity for the employees to attend the training course whenever and wherever they want to.
  • Gamification: To make training programs more interesting and exciting employee training software provides a feature called gamification. The HR team can add game mechanics that set goals and achievements at different stages of the training course. Employees feel motivated to continue the training by seeing their progress.
  • Progress monitoring: Employee training software is featured with data visuals that allow the company to assess the progress of employee’s performance and the time at which the training is being completed.
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What are the types of Employee Training Software?


There are a few different types of employee training software that can be used by the HR team to create effective training programs:

  • Corporate Learning Management Systems (LMS): This training software provides companies the tools that allow them to create customized training and development course for providing necessary training to their employees. Several expenses such as travel, venue, and instructor expenses are eliminated by bringing training programs online.
  • Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP): These platforms provide several tools to the enterprise so that it can create step-by-step walkthroughs, onboarding flows, and knowledge bases directly inside the applications of software. This helps the new hires to be trained with all the software tools that are essential for their new job.
  • Internal Knowledge Base Software: Internal Knowledge Base software is a software application that provides an online self-service center for the staff helping them to understand several policies and procedures of the organization. These tools are the internal wikis for the organizations. The resources can be in any format but the main aim is to help the employees by answering all their questions.
  • Video Training Software: Video Training Software sometimes can be used along with Corporate Learning Management Systems or can be standalone software. This software helps the HR team of an organization to create effective content in the video format for guiding and training their staff members.
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Different employee training software allows the HR team of an organization to develop and create the best training and development program for their employees that include the content in different formats such as video, audio, assessments, games, etc. The training software also helps the company to track the progress of the employees.


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