October 5, 2022

All of us get bored from time to time. Sometimes it can be the result of doing the same things over and over to entertain ourselves or occupy our time. However, if you’re living in Sydney’s Western Suburbs or nearby, there’s really no reason to ever be bored, with so much to do and see in this vast region of the city. If you’re looking for something new to entertain yourself, then read on for some inspiration and ideas.


#1 – Challenge Your Friends To a Game Of Paintball

Luddenham in Western Sydney is an area that features a number of cool things people can do to entertain themselves and one of those activities is paintball. Luddenham Raceway Paintball features 4 battlefields to keep the game interesting. Players will navigate The Tournament Field, The Lost City, The Base Camp and The Rebel Headquarters.

The tactical missions lead teams from one field to the next, all of which are filled with interesting obstacles for protection and challenges to overcome. It’s a stimulating and fun game to play and this particular paintball arena really takes things up a level.

After playing paintball, there is also a go-karting track right next to the paintball arena for some more thrills.

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#2 – Drink Wine While Learning To Become An Artist

In Homebush in Sydney’s West, you can get together with your friends and drink wine while creating works of art. This is called a paint and sip experience, an activity that has been growing in popularity around the country in recent times.

Under the instruction of professional artists, you will learn how to paint on a canvas and create your very piece of art while casually sipping on wine the entire time. It’s different, it’s relaxing and it’s also very creative. By the time the evening is over, you’ll have finished your very own “Picasso”.

This event is ideal for team bonding sessions, hen’s parties, private groups or even something you can do solo if you wish.


#3 – Visit a Lifestyle Club

There are many different types of social and entertainment clubs in Sydney’s West, including lifestyle clubs. Basically, a lifestyle club is an extension of your typical social and entertainment venue. A true lifestyle club is all about enhancing the lifestyle of those who visit it, by providing a broad range of facilities and things to do all under one roof or in the same location.

An example would be a lifestyle club that has bars, cafes, restaurants, function rooms, a health and fitness centre, possibly even some retail outlets, sports and more.

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Lifestyle club projects in Western Sydney are currently trending, such as the Concourse At Lidcombe, so if you’re looking for ways to entertain yourself, visit a lifestyle club. There is so much to do in one venue.


#4 – Take a Guided Indigenous Walk

This is a daytime activity that is suitable for people of all ages and you’ll be getting some fresh air and exercise while exploring nature.

The Dharawal National Park is an unspoilt wilderness region. On the walking tour, the group will be guided by Aboriginal Discovery Rangers. As you walk, they will tell you stories and you will learn more about the history of the region, as well as the environment. Take in areas such as Madden Falls and Stokes Creek.

The walking tour goes ahead even in wet weather, which can add a certain mystique to the experience.


#5 – Take In a Show At the Riverside Theatres

Riverside Theatres is located on the banks of the Parramatta River in the Parramatta district. The theatres host over 1000 events each year, so there is always something on for people of all ages.

The centre is actually a collection of different theatres hosting different events. Rafferty’s Theatre is a smaller venue for small-scale productions and comedy acts. The Lennox Theatre is larger, with the Riverside Theatre being the largest.

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No matter which theatre you choose, there will always be something happening to keep you entertained, whether it be ballet, drama, musicals or contemporary dance.


In Conclusion

You could spend years (or even a lifetime) discovering everything the Western Suburbs has to offer. This article has only highlighted a few ideas to get you started.

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