June 7, 2022

It makes sense to start exercising in the gym with a more or less detailed “check-up” of the state of health. Having found out your indicators, you can choose for yourself such a nature of the loads that will help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure or solve back problems.


It is better to conduct an examination under the guidance of a medical specialist and not on your own. Further decisions on the nuances of training are made individually, taking into account the characteristics of a particular person’s body.


When you are convinced that your health allows you to give the body physical activity, you can start exercising in the gym. But here it is necessary to observe the basic rules:


  • After eating before the start of intensive training, at least an hour should pass;
  • It is better to train in sneakers – exercising in socks or barefoot can be unsafe;
  • Each workout should begin with a warm-up and stretching;
  • you need to start with exercises that do not load the axial skeleton.


Don’t overwork. Choose your weight carefully in the gym. Under no circumstances should you try to work through the pain. If any exercise causes acute discomfort, it should be completely abandoned.

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Benefits of Training

When performing even basic exercises, the work of the cardiovascular system improves and immunity increases. Moderate training contributes to the production of endorphins – hormones of joy, which have a beneficial effect on the mental, and psycho-emotional state.


Training is also helpful to make you feel relaxed. For example, after playing at Woo Casino for a long time, you might be in the need of some rest. Proper training is an excellent way to pacify your body.

Exercises for Beginners

It is better to start with basic exercises to regulate the connection between the muscles and the brain. These can be deep squats, pull-ups on the horizontal bar, push-ups from the floor, or abdominal exercises. Then you can move on to a more advanced level.


You should start any workout with a warm-up – a light circular workout for the whole body. This will take approximately 20 minutes. Approximately five minutes are allotted for each exercise, taking into account the respite between loads: two to three minutes of work, one to two minutes of rest.


The cause of injuries in training can be not only excessive loads but also old sores. Sedentary work at the computer and the lack of exercise affect the muscles and cause circulatory disorders.

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In triathlons, people often break their collarbones when they fall off a bike. When running incorrectly, the knees, lower back, heels, feet, and hip joints are injured. In gyms, knees are most often injured. Also back, shoulders and lower back are torn.


In case of injury to the limbs, you need to apply a cold object or ice to the sore spot and go for an examination. If the injury looks and feels serious an MRI should be done immediately to rule out a hernia. If there is no hernia, then massage will help with the pain.

Additional Substances

You also need to be wary of a place where you are immediately offered to buy various vitamins to improve the quality of training. Sports nutrition is not evil, but it has contraindications and side effects. It is prescribed taking into account the medical status of the person.


Fitness is inherently aimed at healing and improving the functionality of the body. With the right technique and rational dosing of loads, there should be no harm from it.

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