July 9, 2021

Gym clothing must be comfortable, practical but also glamorous to show off a nice look even during training sessions.

In fact, it is very important to go to the gym and play sports because keeping fit is good for health and also helps us look our best. Thanks to the training, the bacon disappears, the thighs appear toned and the buttocks are up at their best. But if you really don’t like going to the gym, you can add an incentive to this type of activity by choosing glamorous garments for this appointment of the day as well.
In fact, no one said that in order to work out, you have to bundle up and look sloppy. Today, gym sportswear offers several options, also perfect for those who want to look their best at any time of the day, even on the treadmill!

How to choose gym clothing

Before deciding which women’s or men’s gym clothing to show off, depending on your personal tastes, it is important to consider what we should wear.
This mainly depends on the type of sport you intend to practice even if, usually, in the gym there are more or less similar climatic conditions, for which clothing that we could call “generic” is fine.
In any case, the first thing to think about when choosing sportswear is to make sure that it is breathable, that it is fresh and pleasant to the touch. As for the materials, we usually think of men’s or women’s gym clothing in cotton or designed with the different technical fabrics that are now available in stores specialized in sports clothing.
Furthermore, all the clothes, starting from the trousers, must have a good content in elastic material, so that they allow us all kinds of movement without in any way forcing us.
Furthermore, since you go to the gym to get active and therefore sweat, it is also advisable that the women’s and men’s gym clothing we buy is made of light fabric, without padding or excessive thickness.

Fashion in gym clothing

If you look at women’s and men’s gym clothing over the last 20 years, you don’t notice any major changes in the aesthetic appearance and structure of the clothes themselves.
So what we can do to make our outfit more glamorous is to focus on colors, or on some clothes in particular.
In fact, in addition to classic and traditional gym garments such as t-shirts, tank tops and tracksuits, as regards trousers, for example, in recent years leggings, of all lengths, from those that reach to the ankle, have come back into fashion. up to 7/8 or above the knee leggings.
If you choose a very soft and elastic fabric, this model of trousers is also perfect for the gym, since it allows you to move freely and without any kind of discomfort. We can also choose between perforated models, or with some semi-transparent material inserts.
In this case, for women’s gym clothing, however, we avoid laces and sequins, because they could cause a lot of annoyance during sports practice. We also check that they can be placed in the washing machine for washing.

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T-shirts and tank tops

With regard to women’s gym clothing in particular, it is important to never forget that when practicing sport, whatever it is, you must have good support for the breasts, regardless of its size. Fortunately, there are several sports clothing companies that are concerned with satisfying this female need and produce special sports bras, divided according to the type of physical activity we intend to practice.
Often these are real tops which can be worn in place of the tank top and provide the right support to the breast. In the same way, however, if you practice high-impact sport you can buy suitable products designed specifically for this purpose: your breasts will be grateful.
As far as sports t-shirts and tank tops are concerned, we all focus on bright colors: you can find them in every color in specialized stores. The important thing to check is that these do not have too narrow necks since this could cause some discomfort when practicing the exercises. If we love gentle gymnastics or yoga, we prefer slightly soft t-shirts, which do not tighten excessively.

The shoes

Finally, sportswear also includes sneakers or specialized footwear for the type of activity: hiking and climbing shoes, running shoes, football and soccer shoes, tennis shoes, basketball shoes, etc.
Also in this case it is possible to find shoes of different models and colors in specialized sports stores. Just make sure that the shoes we are going to choose are suitable for the type of activity you intend to practice.
Even if fashion prefers shoes that are not too high and with a fabric upper, we may need bicycle shoes, or more suitable for dance. If we love bodyweight gymnastics then we can give up shoes, to replace them with thin cotton socks.

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