November 2, 2022

Many people link green tea to weight loss but drinking green tea does more than just that. Packed with antioxidants, green tea helps fight free radicals and helps maintain heart health in addition to keeping you active throughout the day.

Some other benefits of green tea include:

  1. It improves memory and brain health – the antioxidants present, EGCG in particular, protect the brain cell from oxidative stress. This means the brain is protected from diseases such as Parkinson’s, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. Moreover, a study reveals that green tea improves brain function and memory whilst also improving task performance.
  2. It protects you against cancer – antioxidants present in green tea help cell production and balance the health of each cell in the body. This process reduces the risk of cancer.
  3. It reduces heart diseases – fat build-up caused by oxidative stress can be a major concern for many, especially since it causes inflammation. To combat this situation, you should consume green tea since the antioxidants present in green tea reduce inflammation, reduce blood pressure and also induce fat absorption.


  1. Reduces joint pain – Green tea is high in epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCC, an anti-inflammatory property that reduces pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis. It is advised to arthritis patients to consume at least one cup of green tea a day to control inflammation caused in the joints.
  2. Contains less caffeine than coffee- According to a study, green tea has half the amount of caffeine that coffee does. It is therefore a better option for people who get jittery easily and wish to regulate their caffeine intake.
  3. It is good for the skin – while most people tend to go for supplements and other skincare products to maintain good skin, what many people tend to overlook is the benefit of green tea for the skin. By applying green tea bags or products with green tea extracts, you can fight skin issues like inflammation, aging, and loss of skin elasticity. Other skin-related issues such as warts, dermatitis, and rosacea can also be treated with green tea and its extracts.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Green Tea

  1. Is it okay to drink green tea daily?
    Absolutely, it is okay to drink green tea daily. The recommended number of cups would be around 2 cups without sugar.
  2. Can I drink green tea at night?
    Yes, you can drink green tea at night, preferably an hour or two before you go to sleep. In some cases, green tea can be a great aid to a good night’s sleep and since it also has anti-inflammatory properties, those suffering from joint pain can benefit highly from it.
  3. Does green tea raise blood pressure?

Studies suggest green tea consumption reduced blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, so there is nothing to worry about. In fact, if you suffer from high cholesterol or high BP, you should include green tea in your diet.

  1. How many cups of green tea can I drink in a day?
    There is no rule as to how many cups of green tea you should drink in a day but most people cap their intake at three cups. Since every person has a different diet structure and is built differently, it is best to take the advice of your nutritionist.

These are just some of the benefits of green tea. Green tea is naturally lower in calories and a better option for people with diabetes or those who wish to regulate their weight. Moreover, you can use your tea bags or tea leaves on your skin for a clean appearance and fight aging like a pro.

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