August 26, 2022

The greatest invention ever made by science is electricity and it has evolved into one of the fundamental requirements of existence, serving not just the home but also a major part of the economy. Whether it’s for our household electric appliances or big manufacturing machinery, we demand electricity for everything. With so much importance in our daily life, timely payment of e-bills is essential to enjoy a steady supply of electricity. You can now avoid standing in lengthy lines at e-bill payment centers and don’t even need to take time out of your busy schedule to visit their places; all you need to do is use MobiKwik’s online payment services.

The most convenient choice is to pay your electricity bill online, which allows you to do it at any time and from any location without missing the due date. You may pay your online bill using a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or other devices. People frequently forget the closing day to pay their power bills, which results in extra late fees being paid.

With MobiKwik, you may pay your power bill conveniently and without trouble, avoiding any additional late fees. Just sign in to their website or mobile app to pay your power bill online quickly.

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Advantages of Paying Online Electric Bills

In the modern era, more and more companies are shifting to online bill payment methods. There are some good reasons to switch to online bill payment for electricity bills, such as BESCOM online electricity bill payment, TNEB Online electricity bill payment are very convenient in online mode. Some Advantages are:-

Easy procedure: Using the online approach to pay your electrical bills can save time. You may create an online account that will do all those things for you instead of writing cheques, searching for cash, and filing piles of paperwork. This method allows you to manage your power bills from home with a few clicks.

Easy Organisation:- It may be simple to lose track of your payments  when you pay your bills in an old-fashioned manner. Whereas, if you make your payment online, you can view all of your records and detect any issues right away. In addition, everything is available for immediate viewing if you use a third-party app for bill payment, such as MobiKwik.

Gain Rewards: Using websites and applications for online payments has advantages, including receiving offers and discounts that help customers save money over time.

Automate monthly payments: You may help ensure that payments are always made on time and potentially avoid thinking about them ever again by setting up automated payments for monthly expenses. Using well-known apps like MobiKwik helps you to do so.

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Payment variety: There are several choices available when paying your electricity bill online at third-party websites like MobiKwik. You can clear your due bills using a credit card, a debit card, a UPI wallet, or even through Net Banking.


Disadvantages of Online Electric bill payment:-

The ability to pay bills online is a popular advantage of the modern day, but there are still a few limitations inside this system.

  • Due to the fees certain companies may demand, online bill payment can be a costly feature of online banking. Although most applications are free, some may incur a charge, so choose carefully.
  • It’s simple to forget which bills are due when with automated bill payment’s convenience. To prevent errors, record the dates of your bills’ dues in your planner, and be sure to double verify that everything is paid. Errors could incur extra costs.
  • Some of the apps’ fundamental issues is the insufficient level of protection, which compels you to trust your data with them. Review the data that will be acquired carefully before enrolling, as hacking is possible. In the past, there have been several cases of these applications being hacked and data exposed.
  • False apps can steal data. Since there are lots of apps available, it is a fact that most users are unaware of which ones are secure and which ones are not. In a recent security campaign, Google’s app store removed over 50 fraudulent apps.
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Of course, there are benefits and drawbacks to using online payments. The truth is that the benefits of online payments surpass the disadvantages by a significant margin.

You must select the appropriate payment option for your convenience. Additionally, you need to pick the best online payment provider for the security of your company and your clients. It is wise to select a payment provider that provides you more reliability and ensures access to additional discounts.

In MobiKwik, you can pay electric bills from any region, such as BESCOM online electricity bill payment, TNEB Online electricity bill payment, CESC Bill payment, etc., from their website.



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