October 19, 2021

CBD has taken the pet world by storm, but scientific study on the effects of CBD on dogs and cats, particularly cats, is still in its early stages. Let’s take a look at some of the things cat owners should think about before feeding their pets CBD oil or CBD cat treats.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it’s the cannabis plant’s second most prevalent active component.

CBD is found in all cannabis plants, but it’s predominantly obtained from hemp, which is defined as Cannabis sativa with a total THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) less than 0.3 percent dry weight in leaves and buds” according to recent research. It’s also worth noting that a hemp plant can’t have more than 0.3 percent THC or it’ll be classified as a Schedule I prohibited drug (illegal narcotic). CBD is derived from all parts of the plant, not only the stalks, leaves, and buds, unlike hemp oil and hemp seed oil. You can buy CBD for your pets by clicking here https://cbdfx.com/collections/cbd-for-pets/ and get your best CBDfx pet product.

Is CBD for Cats a Subject of Research?

As far as experts are aware, no scientific research on the usage of CBD with cats has been published.

As a result, we’re left to evaluate study findings in dogs, people, and other animals, as well as anecdotal data, to see if providing CBD to cats is a good idea.

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Cannabidiol (CBD) Research in Dogs and People

CBD has been shown in recent trials to help alleviate pain and encourage activity in dogs with osteoarthritis, as well as lower seizure frequency in severe epilepsy patients

The fact that CBD has been proven to benefit dogs with epilepsy is in line with the FDA’s approval of Epidiolex, a human CBD drug, for the treatment of certain forms of juvenile epilepsy in 2018.

Inflammatory diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease, as well as asthma, anxiety, pain, and nausea, are all popular applications of CBD for which there is at least some supporting scientific data (in people or non-feline animal models).

Is CBD Harmful to Cats?

CBD looks to be quite safe for cats on the surface, according to comments from doctors and pet guardians.Some individuals claim that their pets get drowsy or have upset stomachs after being given large doses of CBD, but that these issues go away after the CBD is stopped or the amount is reduced.

CBD for Cats: A Word of Caution

Despite the positive feedback from pet parents, there is one major issue with CBD usage in cats: a near-total lack of regulatory supervision. Because of the absence of regulation, low-quality CBD products are widely available.

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As cat owners search for methods to keep their felines happy and healthy, they’re beginning to delve into alternative remedies that Western medicine hasn’t addressed. Cannabis oil is one of these alternative therapies.

This isn’t surprising, given that more individuals are turning to cannabis as a natural cure for their health problems, and studies have consistently demonstrated the plant’s beneficial effects on inflammation and other illnesses. However, as well-studied as cannabis’ effect on people may be, no official large scientific research on its influence on pets has been conducted.


Because of the rising popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) oil, more people are turning to CBD for their dogs to aid with not just physical discomfort but also behavioral difficulties. The CBD (cannabidiol) business, while generating a lot of hype, is not yet completely supported by research, and many of the claims made by firms lack scientific backing.

Despite this, anecdotal evidence encourages cat owners to use CBD products. Is CBD oil for cats a miraculous anti-anxiety treatment? Is it both safe and efficient? You’d assume so based on all the anecdotal success tales, but it’s not that straightforward. CBD may be highly promising in the long run, but there haven’t been enough studies and science done on it yet. More study on efficacy and safety is something we’re looking forward to seeing.

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