February 2, 2022

Successful company owners recognize that their most valuable assets are their products/services and employees. As a result, recruiting, mentoring, and retaining highly talented, productive, and trustworthy personnel is important.


Naturally, speaking it out is far easier than really doing it. Enterprise owners have a lot on their plates. Consequently, it is possible to put the recruitment process on “hold,” which is inefficient and not always useful.


In situations like these, partnering with a permanent recruitment consultant may be the wisest action.


To assist them in selecting a quality employment business, here are some considerations!


  • Determine the number of employees required.

Personnel on a contract, part-time, or full-time basis are all feasible possibilities for their business. They are, however, looking for a more seasoned professional or a recent graduate. By asking themselves these questions, they may compare the various staffing agencies on the market.


For example, temporary employment services aid businesses in locating seasonal and short-term staff. Additionally, if their helper is on maternity leave, they may employ a temporary replacement.


Executive search firms may assist businesses in identifying new CEOs, CFOs, and senior executives. On the other hand, senior-level roles need specialty recruiters due to their high compensation and severe competition.

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Additionally, a contingency agency may be employed. These recruiters are compensated if their suggested candidates get a job.



  • Staffing Firms: Generalists or Specialists?

Healthcare and information technology are two examples of fields that demand competence. A general staffing firm may lack technical competence when evaluating job applications.


Numerous specialist hiring firms possess in-depth industry knowledge. For instance, a user experience designer or software engineer emphasizing information technology would have a complete grasp of the job tasks and responsibilities.


Contact a specialty agency to check if they’re looking for new workers with a certain skill set. Take care not to deal with an excessive number of service providers. A regular staffing agency may be ideal for businesses that want many roles filled.



  • Consider Their Costs:

Numerous factors determine the fees charged by employment firms, including their industry and level of expertise. Additionally, they must consider the number of staff they want to attract.


For example, contingency agencies charge between 15% and 25% of a candidate’s first year’s salary. This proportion may increase to 50% for difficult-to-fill professions and executive positions.


Rates vary by agency. Solicit many estimates from a variety of suppliers to make an informed choice.



  • Inquire About Their Hiring and Onboarding Procedures:
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Additionally, consider the company’s candidate sourcing procedure. Once they’ve developed a list of possible staffing companies, they should contact them to see how they source applicants and assess them.



Consider a staffing agency that handles all parties, including job candidates, as though they were clients. The best firms extensively examine candidates, assisting them with the onboarding process and determining whether or not they would be a suitable fit for their organization.



  • Not simply an employment agency, but a business partner:


As an extension of their human resources department, a professional staffing agency may be useful. In addition, individuals’ requirements will become more obvious as they collaborate more often.


Which of the following should be requested before engaging the services of an employment agency?



  • How strong or large is their talent pool for candidates?


While it is reasonable to imagine that all agencies have access to the same pool of potential employees, this is not the case. The size of the agency, it’s capacity to manage a large number of applications, its marketing, its reputation in the community, how they treat its employees, and how they actively recruit prospects all to contribute to the size of their talent pool and the kind of candidates they attract. All positions will attract top-tier candidates from top-tier agencies.

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  • What is the staffing agency’s definition of adequate longevity?


Not all agencies see longevity in the same manner, and it is critical to understand their aim to identify the best match. They should be quite explicit with the agency they hire about their expectations, and their goal should be to find them the ideal candidate the first time around with the least amount of churn possible in the position.



  • What is their temporary hire rate?


If their purpose is to acquire a long-term employee who will stay and grow with their company, their recruitment agency should share that ambition. While it is difficult to quantify, agencies should know how often they effectively place these long-term personnel for their clients. This displays their ability to screen, advise, and educate prospective employees about the position.



  • How does the staffing agency perform background checks and screenings?


Pre-employment screening services include background checks, drug screening, ability evaluations, and approaches for behavioural assessment. A thorough background check verifies vital information about a prospective employee (i.e. identity, employment history, education credentials). Additionally, it aids in extracting critical information about an applicant’s character and past history that may not be readily apparent during an interview or application. The appropriate agency will be permitted to perform pre-employment screening in addition to background checks and drug tests after an offer of employment.

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  • How does the staffing agency handle failed placements?


Each agency’s duties will change from time to time. Determine how this is dealt with if it happens. Will the agency end their employment on their behalf, or will they be forced to do so? Is there always someone available to help them if they are pressed for time to finish an assignment? Depending on the nature of their work, it is vital that they can reach someone from the agency at all times.



  • How easy is it to contact permanent staffing consultants?


Selecting a recruiting agency is not simple – and much is based on one’s expectations and the agency’s ability to meet them. While this is a commercial relationship, do not overlook the ‘personal’ aspect. They’ll need to trust and rely on the staffing agency to provide the resources essential for their and their organization’s continuous success.



  • Is the staffing agency accountable?


Sincerity and honesty are key components of every business relationship. For example, never should a staffing business misrepresent prices, be evasive in answer to inquiries, or seek to coerce them into hiring decisions.


It is a poor idea to wait until the last minute to locate the best permanent staffing consultants. Rather than that, assess how many additional personnel will be required in the future and plan accordingly.

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