March 16, 2022

With the growth and advancement in science and technology, running daily errands to professional work, everything has evolved a lot. The world has become digital, every profession is running online and our education system is no exception. Online education that is teaching and learning virtually has been spreading at a faster rate. Having one on one teaching and learning sessions and interactions are known as synchronous learning. These are also called online live classes.



With better flexibility, convenience, comfort, and the opportunity to connect with teachers one on one, many students are going for online live classes. To conduct effective online live classes and provide students with quality education, teachers must follow certain strategies. Let us discuss the tips that teachers can follow to conduct effective and valuable online live sessions for students.

Tips for teachers to conduct effective online live classes

  1. Choose the right space


In online live classes, students and teachers meet one on one at the same time. And for effective teaching, choosing the right space is very important. If teachers will sit in a place that is noisy and more prone to environmental activities, it will lead to distractions. A distracted mind cannot teach properly to the students. Also, this will lead to disturbance in learning for all. To prevent this from happening in your class, choose to teach from a calm and silent place. Keep the mobile and app notifications also on mute. Keep the room door and windows shut for some time. This will help teachers to concentrate, focus better and teach effectively.

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  1. Interact with all the students


The teacher-centered approach of teaching, that is coming to the class, winding up the planned topic, and leaving without interacting and involving students doesn’t work well. This is not suitable for the academic growth and development of students. To conduct better online classes, ensure to interact with students constantly. Ask how well they are understanding, whether they have any doubts or not. Ask them basic questions and opinions to keep the classes engaging, and interactive. This will help teachers how to teach online effectively and efficiently.



  1. Don’t extend the lectures too long


In the present pandemic times, online live classes for teaching and learning have reached door to door. For many students, it is a new learning experience and they are trying their level best to get familiar with the new normal. In all this, if online live classes are very long, it will become difficult for students to concentrate and stay active throughout.


Back to back online classes that are too long, cause exhaustion as well as excessive screen time. This affects the health, understanding, and concentration power of students. To avoid this happening with your class students, ensure to have a moderate duration of the classes. This helps students to stay active, and participate better in the classes.

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  1. Use technology to teach


Only using textbooks and guides to teach is considered to be boring for students. Concentrating via a teacher app is challenging for students already and if teachers will limit teaching to textbooks, it will become more boring for students. But we all know how much students enjoy technology. Using the same in the classroom is very beneficial.


To conduct effective online live classes, teachers must use different audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, etc. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. With a proper academic understanding, student participation and engagement in the classroom are also enhanced.



  1. Have interesting participatory activities


Only listening to the teachers reading out the lessons or always asking questions from the books is not very interesting for students. To make students learn more, have a better understanding and academic skills, teachers must include interesting participatory activities in the class. You can also use these participatory activities as a way to assess students. For example


  • Giving presentations


  • Question answer rounds


  • Playing quiz or riddle


  • Group discussions



All these activities make students more concentrated and attentive in the class. Several other skills like communication, focus, active listening, collaboration, cooperation, and public speaking, all are enhanced.

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Today online teaching is spreading at a faster rate. With several advantages offered, many students and teachers, all across the globe are opting for online live classes for educational purposes. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can conduct effective online live classes for students. This will help teachers to make learning more valuable and understandable for students.

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