September 7, 2021

Tarp, short for tarpaulin is a large sheet that is made of strong, flexible, and waterproof materials. They can be either made of polyester with a coating of polyurethane or from polythene. Tarps are used for protection against harsh weather such as rain, sunlight, strong winds, etc. But the primary objective of using tarps is to protect from dirt and moisture.

Tarp is a combination of two words- tar and palling. Tarp refers to the tarred canvas pall that was used in ships for covering objects. Previously, sailors used to cover the objects on the ship with their cloth as a result of which those clothes came to be known as ‘jack tars’. From the mid of 19th century, Paulin was used for covering purposes.

Nowadays there are various types of tarps available that you are likely to get confused while buying one. Different types of tarps serve different purposes so before buying a tarp determine the purpose of buying it.

In this article, we present to you some of the important criteria that you must consider while buying tarps.


As already mentioned there are various types of tarps available so before buying one you have to determine the purpose of buying it.

Water Proof

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If you are planning to buy tarps for solely protecting something from rain or moisture then water resistance should be your first criteria to look for. But remember that different waterproof tarps provide a different level of protection; some are effective only against drizzle and fail miserably at the time of heavy rain whereas some are effective against both drizzle and heavy rain.


The strength of the tarp determines how much external force it can withstand. The weaving method and the material used to make the tarps determine their strength. If you are looking for tarps for keeping your objects safe from strong gusts of wind, then no doubt you should look for tarps that have the maximum strength.

Corrosion Resistant

UV rays and other elements like acids, soils, mold, etc. can have a corroding effect on your tarp. If the tarp will be exposed to such extensive weather elements then consider buying a tarp that has an extra protective coating to protect your tarp from corrosion.

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Abrasion Resistant

This property determines whether the tarp can withstand tearing and splitting caused by sharp edges. Canvas and vinyl tarps are perfect to use for such purposes as their durability has no match. According to FINDANYANSWER, vinyl is the best material for outdoor purpose, as they are durable and resistant to all the weather elements.

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Tarps also consist of various other features like rope, grommets, coatings, and other accessories. The ropes provide enhanced resistance to tear. Grommets are eyelets either of plastic or metal used for securing tie-down. There are various other such features, so better check all the features before finalizing your purchase.


These are some of the essential criteria that you must consider while buying tarps. So what are you still waiting for? Go and shop for your tarp now!


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