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November 26, 2021

Jan Jeffcoat Sinclaire Broadcasting Group, Bio, Wiki, Age, Salary, Net Worth



Jane Jeffcott Bio | Wiki

Jan Jeffcoat is a well-known American journalist and television personality who currently serves as the principal news anchor for Sinclair Broadcasting Group. She has been part of the radio news family since he joined in October 2020.

Prior to his current role, Jan was CEO of Janimal Films for 2 years and 6 months. In her free time, Jan enjoys reading novels, traveling, jogging, and spending time with her husband and children.


jan jeffcourt age

She was born in Columbia, South Carolina in 1980.Jane is 41 years old.

Jane Jeffcourt height

She is a woman of medium build.Young stands at height 5 feet 5 inches (About 1.65m.)

Photo by Jan JeffcourtJane’s photo

Jan Jeffcoat Family | Nationality

She was born in Columbia, South Carolina, in 1980, to loving and devoted parents. Jan has U.S. citizenship, but is Asian-American. Details about her childhood are not yet available, so her parents’ names, occupation, whereabouts and whether she has any other siblings remain unknown.However, we will keep you informed

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jane jeffcott husband

She is happily married to her supportive and caring husband Matthew Kingsley. This lovely couple tied the knot in 2003. Matthew is the founder and CEO of 3 Kings Entertainment. Jan and her family currently live in California. Further information about the couple could not be obtained. However, we will update you as soon as we have relevant and reliable information about the couple.

Jan Jeffcoat Children

She is a proud and devoted mother of two sons; Kana Zen and kensington sage. Jan started her motherhood in March 2012 when she gave birth to her first daughter, which they named Kana Zen. Three years later, in February 2015, Jan welcomed her second daughter, Kensington Sage. We will notify you of her child as soon as possible.

Jan Jeffcott Education

After finishing high school, she decided to pursue her dream career, so she enrolled in University of South CarolinaIn college, she studied, graduated and earned a degree in broadcast journalism.

Jane Jeffcourt Sinclair

She began her career as a reporter in January 2001, when she was formally hired as a reporter and temporary anchor for WCSC-TV Live 5 News in Charleston. Jane worked at the station for a year before moving to Charlotte, where he was hired as a news anchor for WBTV Charlotte.

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In November 2004, Jane moved to Houston, where she was hired as a news anchor for Fox Television. After 2 years in Houston, she moved to Chicago and still works at the same TV station.

In September 2013, Jane accepted a job offer as a news anchor for WUSA-TV in Washington. After 5 years, she left the station and moved to Los Angeles, where she founded Media Kingdom Partners in September 2018.

Jane Jeffcourt Salary

She currently works in the US as a television personality and as an anchor for Sinclair Broadcasting Group radio. Therefore, there is no doubt that she received a satisfactory income. Jan’s average salary is $92,063 Per year.

Jan Jeffcott net worth

She has been working as a journalist in the US since graduating from college, so she has no hesitation in saying that she has managed to build a decent fortune over the past few years. Jan’s average net worth is $978,630.

How old is Jan Jeffcoat

The American journalist was born in Columbia, South Carolina, in 1980.Therefore, Jan is 41 years old.

Is Jane Jeffcourt Married?

Yes. She is happily married to her supportive husband, Matthew Kingsley, founder and CEO of 3 Kings Entertainment. The lovely couple tied the knot in 2003. The pair are proud parents of two children; Kana Zen, born in March 2012, and Kensington Sage, born in February 2015.

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