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Jimmy Smits Biography, Age, Height, Star Wars, Movies, Net Worth and Wiki


Jimmy Smits is an American actor. He is best known for his roles in Los Angeles Law as prosecutor Victor Sifuentes, West Wing’s Matt Santos and NYPD Blue’s NYPD Detective Bobby Simeone, and in German ADA Miguel Prado starring Kirst. Smits also starred in Switch and My Family. He also starred in the Star Wars sequel trilogy as well as Rogue One, where he played Bell Organa.

Jimmy Smits rose to fame after starring in the TV series Los Angeles Law, for which he won an Emmy. Smits appeared in multiple films, but it wasn’t until his return to television in the gritty police drama “NYPD Blue” that he found new success. Since then, Smits has appeared on shows including The West Wing and Sons of Anarchy.



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Jimmy Smith Bio/Wiki

The journey of life

Smits was born near Brooklyn, New York. Smits’ father, Cornelis Leendert Smits was born in Paramaribo, Suriname, of Dutch descent. Smits’ mother, Emilina Smits, was born in Peuelas, Puerto Rico. He grew up in a working-class area with his two sisters, Diana and Yvonne.

He moved to Puerto Rico when he was ten years old and lived there for several years. Before that, he had never spoken Spanish. For Smith, attending a Spanish-only school was painful and difficult.

Smits grew up in a conservative Roman Catholic family. He considers himself Puerto Rican and travels to the island regularly.

During his teenage years, Smits was an active athlete. Smits completed his education at Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn. He graduated from Brooklyn College with a bachelor’s degree in 1980 and Cornell University with a master of fine arts degree in 1982.

In 1986, Smits made his big-screen debut as a drug dealer in Running Scared. He found his place on television later that year when he played lawyer Victor Sifuentes on the weekly show Los Angeles Law. In 1993, Smits landed the lead role in the thriller NYPD Blue.

Smits actively pursued film roles, starring in the 2000 thriller “Million Dollar Hotel” with Mel Gibson and Milla Jovovich.

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Smits returned to television in 2004 as Matthew Santos, the acclaimed West Wing congressman and presidential candidate. In 2019, he returned to television as the civil rights leader for the Bluff Municipal Law.

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Jimmy Smith net worth

Jimmy Smits has a net worth of $15 million.

2022 Estimated Net Worth (Approx.)$15 million
2021 Estimated Net Worth (Approx.)$15 million
annual salaryTV show Outlaw $150,000 per episode
Source of incomeactor

Jimmy Smits has earned a reputation for playing lawyer, detective and other similar roles in various shows and films throughout his career, and it is through these performances that he has amassed so much wealth.

Although his show Outlaw only ran for one year in 2010, Smits was paid as much as $150,000 per episode. Jimmy earned a total of $1.2 million during his tenure at Outlaw, as only eight episodes totaled before the show was canceled.

In 1993, according to official records, Jimmy bought a house in Los Angeles, California for $1.565 million. The home has four bedrooms and four bathrooms with a total living area of ​​4,405 square feet.

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Jimmy Smith’s career

  • In the 1984 episode of “Miami Vice,” Smits played his first feature. In 1986, he made his debut as a lawyer at LA Law. He starred in the show’s first five seasons, which helped him establish himself as an actor.
  • In 1990, Smits won a Primetime Emmy for her performance in Los Angeles Confidential.
  • In the late 1990s, Jimmy worked as a repairman in the films My Family and Pee Wee’s Playhouse. In 1994, he played another major role as Private Detective Bobby Simone on NYPD Blue.
  • Because of this role, Jimmy’s career has grown considerably, and critics have praised him.
  • Jimmy won a Screen Actors Guild Award in 1995 and a Golden Globe for Best Actor in 1996 for his work in NYPD Blue.
  • Smits has been nominated for the HOLA Excellence Award as well as a wide range of other awards during this period.
  • In Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, Jimmy first played Bell Organa in the early 2000s. Despite being largely considered one of the worst Star Wars movies ever made, the film was a commercial blockbuster. In Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Smits imitated his character to better reviews.
  • Smits later reprised the role of Bail Organa in Rogue One, the prologue from Star Wars Episode III to Star Wars Episode IV.
  • Despite having one of the largest budgets ever, Rogue One grossed five times its budget, making it the 20th highest-grossing film of all time.
  • Smits portrays Houston Congressman Matt Santos in The West Wing’s last and penultimate. Smits appeared on the third season of the TV show Dexter. Dexter’s Jimmy Smits character is an assistant district attorney.
  • Jimmy’s subsequent series, Cane, was canceled after one season due to the Writers Guild strike in 2007. Smits showed off his versatility by playing a brothel in the fifth season of “Sons of Anarchy.”
  • After appearing in The Get Down, Smits reappeared in courtroom drama and landed a new role in Bluff City Law. Smits was also recognized for his theatrical talent, having acted in many New York City Shakespeare plays.
  • He has appeared on Broadway in the critically acclaimed TV series Anna in the Tropics and God of the Holocaust. Jimmy also has voice acting roles in various video games.
  • In 2008, he reprised his role as Bail Organa in the critically acclaimed game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. In 2016, he landed another major voice role in Gears of War 4.
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List of Jimmy Smits movies

movie list

afraid to run1986
year 1987
Old Gringo1989
vital signs1990
internal fire
serious misconduct1993
my family
last word
Murder in the Heart
Minor Prophet
Adventure in wild California
million dollar hotel
the price of glory
Bless the child
Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clonesyear 2002
Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith2005
Jane Austen Book Club2007
mother and child2010
Rogue One2016
who we are now2017
tax collector2020
in the highlands2021


  • Jimmy has had a serious and long-term relationship with Wanda De Jesus since 1986.
  • Jimmy’s mother is Puerto Rican and his father is Dutch-born Surinamese.
  • He is a partner at the Conga Room Club in Los Angeles, California, alongside Paul Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez and Brad Gluckstein.
  • On June 2, 2021, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6100 Hollywood Boulevard in California.
  • On three separate TV shows, he played a lawyer: LA Law, Dexter and Bluff City Law.
  • He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. The 1997 Horizon Award was awarded to him by the Congressional Awards in Washington, D.C.
  • At the Welcome Back Brooklyn Festival, he was called the King of Brooklyn.
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common problem

What is Jimmy Smits’ race?

He is of Puerto Rican and Surinamese descent.

Does Jimmy Smits speak Spanish?

No, he doesn’t speak Spanish.

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