September 21, 2021

“Did I win the KBC Lottery? And if so, how much? ”Many tipsters ask themselves these seemingly simple questions every day.

Checking KBC Lottery Winner can work in many different ways these days. We give an overview.

Lots of options for checking KBS winner

Almost 30 million people in INDIA play KBC *. In different lotteries, with several tickets and in syndicates. With or without. In sales outlets and online. And, of course, most tipsters are concerned with the question:

Was I lucky this time?

If a player has to match several rows of numbers or has several tickets, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of possible KBC winnings. We make the KBC profit check easy for you and show you the best options at a glance – offline and online.


How to check whether you have won the KBC


How to Check KBC Lottery Number after playing online

  1. See under My KBC in the menu “Lottery tickets” whether you have won

If you are registered on KBC Lottery Winner, you can conveniently access an overview of your tickets at any time. To do this, log in to your online account, click in the right menu bar on “Game tickets” and then on the desired ticket. Whether or not you scored a hit on your last tip can hardly be overlooked: the matching numbers are highlighted in yellow on your digital ticket. Above you can see the sum of your KBC winnings.

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Check KBC Lottery Number: Ticket overview

Here you can see all the data on your betting account at a glance, including the entire game history. You can also save your favorite tickets and tap again if necessary. The prerequisite for this is an account with KBC INDIA. This can be set up free of charge in just a few clicks by registering online.


Tip: Do you prefer to play mobile? You can of course also access your tickets – and winnings – in the KBC app as soon as you have logged in.

  1. Be notified of your KBC win

Do you like surprises? Probably the most convenient way to find out about your luck is to be surprised when you win KBC. All you have to do is make a setting in your betting account:


Check KBC winnings: notification of winnings

As soon as you have a success tip, you will automatically receive an email with the amount you won. The winnings will then be automatically credited to your betting account. Winnings over 1,0000000 RUPEES will even be transferred directly to your bank account if you have deposited it in your customer account.

Have you played in a point of sale? How to determine your KBC profit

  1. Use the “Profit check” service
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Even if you have played offline, you have the option of checking the KBC winnings on our website. Our “Profit Check” online service is ideal for this.

Simply enter the first 16 digits of your game order number – the system will automatically recognize whether you have made a profit.


Check KBC profit: Service profit check

This KBC service is also available in our app. There, in addition to the input option, you can simply scan your ticket or scratch card and receive the result in seconds.


Check KBC profit: App profit check

With the “Profit Check” service, you can see directly how high the sum of your KBC winnings is. Do you see the word “central profit” at this point? Congratulations – you have won more than 8,000 euros! You can request this KBC prize using the form.

If you have played with a customer card and provided your bank details, the winnings will be transferred directly to you.


Tip: This function is intended for checking game orders that you have played at the point of sale and that have a printed ticket for the game. If you have played online, it is more practical to check your orders for possible winnings in your KBC betting account.

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Tip: E-mail notification of winnings also works if you play offline with your KBC Account at the point of sale and have previously activated the notification service online under “My KBC”.

You can’t get more flexibility and convenience!


There is no one right way

As you may have noticed, not only are there many different ways to get happiness, but there are also many ways you can find out about it. If you need help checking your winnings, please contact our KBC customer service.


Ultimately, the decision on how to determine your KBC winnings is entirely yours. Would you rather work out for yourself whether and how much you have won? Or would you like to be notified automatically by email? No matter which method you choose: the next chance for luck is waiting! Don’t let them slip away.

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