July 9, 2021

Men’s boots are both elegant and sporty footwear that are very much in vogue and can be worn on all occasions.
In fact, thanks to their versatility, men’s boots can be used both to go to the office and to go out with friends: this is because they lend themselves to different uses and combinations suitable for very different occasions.
It is no coincidence that among men’s boots they are the most purchased footwear by men who want to always be in order but without sacrificing comfort.

History of men’s boots

Men’s boots are not a shoe born in recent years, but have their roots in 1800. In fact, these were created by none other than Queen Victoria’s shoemaker. Very popular among the nobles of the time, men’s boots were the shoes most worn by European aristocrats. After the First World War, however, they fell into oblivion and went out of fashion.

Gli stivali da uomo in pelle sono tornati a essere utilizzati in tutto il mondo negli anni ’60, quando uno dei gruppi più famosi della storia della musica ne fece il proprio tratto distintivo. Stiamo parlando dei Beatles, la band inglese famosa non solo per il pop rock che ancora oggi fa ballare milioni di persone in tutto in mondo, ma anche per essere stata un’icona di stile imitata dagli uomini occidentali. È stato allora che gli armadi dei ragazzi si sono cominciati a riempire di nuovo degli stivali da uomo, indossati in tutte le occasioni.

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Obviously, then, fashions change and even the models of men’s boots are not like those worn by the European nobility or like those worn by the Beatles. Every year the most famous designers in the world create new models to wear in the autumn winter season.
Here are some tips on which pair of boots to buy.

Suede boots

An elegant and decidedly particular solution are men’s suede boots. They are a somewhat dandy alternative to men’s leather boots. It is a shoe suitable for elegant occasions and office wear. Being a very versatile shoe model, they are perfect under jeans, but also with a more glamorous pair of trousers.

Vintage boots

If, on the other hand, you want to be inspired by the Beatles and their famous Chelsea Boots, the most suitable solution for you is that of men’s vintage leather boots. These have a “lived-in” aspect of the material they are made of, and are perfect for those with a very refined style that turns to rock. They can be black, burgundy or brown, and are usually characterized by lacing with strings.

Texan boots

Cowboy boots, also known as men’s Texan boots, are widespread everywhere and rage on all the catwalks. Men’s Texan boots are often characterized by a silver toe and match perfectly with a total denim look. These are footwear of great impact even if it is not always easy to combine men’s Texan boots. It is therefore better to opt for models of men’s Texan boots that are more accessible and actually wearable.

Elegant men’s boots

If you need elegant ankle boots to go to the office, opt for those without laces. Comfortable and quick to wear, these men’s leather boots are usually made of shiny leather and have a slightly pointed tip, like that of elegant wedding shoes. Despite being very glamorous shoes, they can also be used for normal bar outings with friends.

Sports ankle boots

If you are the casual type and would never want to abandon sneakers, the men’s sports ankle boot is the one for you. Beautiful, comfortable and not very flashy, they are the ideal compromise for those who do not like to be noticed and wear too elegant footwear.

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