January 28, 2022

If you love long showers, you need a blissful bathroom. Your bathroom needs to boast of utility, functionality as well as appealing aesthetics. A bathroom well-laced with adorable accessories can uplift your mood. It can even fade away your Monday morning blues. So, if you want to transform your bathroom into a more elegant space, pay attention to the following accessories.


#1. Bathroom mirror:

Among all glittery bathroom decor accessories, the mirror stands out. Apart from being functional, a designer mirror can effortlessly garnish your bathroom like nothing else. Right from different geometric shapes to one with inbuilt lights, there is a bathroom to suit every style. This simple addition to your washroom has a great impact on transforming your space.


#2. Shower curtain:

A shower curtain is an essential accessory to keep your bathroom neat, clean, and well-separated. A richly designed shower curtain fulfills utility and makes your bathroom equally appealing. You can easily access a wide range of shower curtains in extensive color and design options. From abstract prints to solid bright colors, there is a myriad of options to hook your eyes on.


#3. Bath mats:

Be it a large bathroom or a small one, bath maths are crucial. They provide a cuddly warmth to your feet and ensure to keep water off the floor to prevent slipping. Whether you are looking for a statement bath mat or ultra-absorbent option, whichever you use, it is sure to brighten up your space.

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#4. Candles:

Fill your bathroom with the refreshing aroma of scented candles. The soothing fragrance of candles will elevate the atmosphere of your bathroom. It will neutralize the unpleasant odor and will allow your senses to soak into relaxation. So, consider placing unique sculpted candles in your bathroom to fill it with a luxurious, romantic ambiance.


#5. Towel bars:

If you want your bathroom to appear neat and stylish, then you ought to own this accessory. From quirky shapes to modern minimalist sleek design, towel bars are an easy way to add elegance and functionality to your bathroom. They are available in different shapes and sizes. They are available in wall-mounted as well as freestanding designs. Also, you have an option for a single or double towel bar.


#6. Shelves:

Yet another important accessory to uplift the aesthetics of your bathroom. Shelves enhance the functionality and design of your space. The shelves provide you a platform for storage as well as decor purpose. You can use them to place artificial planters, storage baskets, towel sets, shampoo, soap, and a lot more.


#7. Indoor plants: 

What about introducing some greenery inside your bath space? Isn’t it a cool idea to consider? Having greenery inside your bathroom will arouse a sense of tranquility. Moreover, it will bring in the warmth of nature.

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These are the top decor accessories that will turn your bathroom into a charming abode. Besides elevating aesthetics, these accessories will add to the functionality of your space. So, buy these accessories and get ready to enjoy an indulgent bath experience.


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