November 13, 2021

Cultivators who want a marijuana strain that’s easy to grow and offers bountiful yields needn’t look further than Northern Lights feminized seeds. The plants that these seeds produce can thrive in most environments and are resistant to pests and diseases.


When recreational users consume the buds harvested from Northern Lights feminized seeds, they experience a mood boost. The nugs also stimulate creativity—excellent for those wanting to enjoy artistic activities. There are many anecdotal claims about the benefits they offer those with medical conditions.


Join us as we explore what’s unique about Northern Lights feminized seeds and how to cultivate them. You’ll also learn the benefits and effects of this award-winning cultivar.

Northern Lights feminized seeds description

Northern Lights feminized seeds have the renowned reputation of possessing the traits of two supreme landrace marijuana strains. Combining a Thai sativa and Afghani genetics resulted in a potent indica-dominant hybrid that won the Cannabis Cup.


The plants from Northern Lights feminized seeds produce dense buds. They have dark olive green sugar leaves with purple and blue streaks that remind you of the aurora borealis. Deep orange pistils blend in with the foliage.


Enthusiasts love the piney, fruity, and earthy aroma of the buds the Northern Lights feminized seeds produce. Recreational users enjoy the mild punch and mood-lifting effects. It’s an excellent way to spend an evening after a stressful day.

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The strain’s high THC content delivers a relaxing effect that users say benefits people with depression and anxiety. Those with migraines, arthritis and chronic pain resulting from other medical ailments report finding relief when consuming it.


Northern Lights feminized seeds are ideal for beginner growers as breeders specially created them to exclude male chromosomes. The plants you get are almost 100% female, producing delicious nugs and not pollen.


Below is a brief summary of the Northern Lights feminized seeds’ traits before we learn more about the strain:


    • Type: Mostly indica
    • THC: 14–17%
    • CBD: Low (<2%)
    • Top reported effects: Relaxed, euphoric, calming
    • Top reported flavors: Lemon, sweet, citrus
    • Dominant terpene: Myrcene
    • Flowering time: 6–8 weeks
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Yield: Indoor 18 oz./m2. Outdoor 31 oz./plant.

Northern Lights feminized effects 

The buds from Northern Lights feminized seeds deliver a softer kick than many marijuana strains, making them perfect for all users.


You feel euphoric after only a couple of tokes. Within a few minutes, the strain lifts your spirits, and you sense all worries and negative thoughts float away. Northern Lights feminized seeds’ nugs also stimulate your creative juices, allowing you to indulge in artistic and problem-solving activities.


These mental and emotional boosts slowly fade away, and you feel the physical indica effects of the Northern Lights feminized seeds’ nugs. Your body will relax from head to toe, loosening your tight muscles and joints as you become glued to your seat. It’s a wonderful way to de-stress after a hard day.

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You only need to toke moderate doses to have an enjoyable experience. With light use of the Northern Lights feminized seeds’ buds, you gradually but surely feel drowsy till you can’t keep your eyes open. Then, you fall into a deep slumber that’ll rejuvenate you. If you smoke too much, though, you’ll be knocked out sooner.


The average 14–17% THC content of Northern Lights feminized seeds is potent enough to offer long-lasting relief from many ailments, including physical and psychological conditions. Users report that it’s effective in melting away stress and anxiety. The herb has antidepressant and anxiolytic properties that may help people with depression and bipolar disorder.


Toking Northern Lights feminized seeds’ nugs may also reduce pain resulting from fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, and spasms. The sleep-inducing effect can help individuals with insomnia or other sleep disorders.


The effects of toking Northern Lights feminized seeds’ buds may be pleasant but don’t overdo it. You may be overwhelmed by the potency and end up with a headache or feeling extremely anxious or paranoid. If you’re sensitive to THC, keep the dose low or switch to another cultivar.


You might have cottonmouth and dry eyes. Drink plenty of water and apply eye drops, and you’ll be fine.

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Consuming Northern Lights feminized seeds’ buds can leave you craving food, which is helpful if you’re having eating issues. It’s especially beneficial for cancer patients undergoing chemo or radiation therapy as these treatments often cause loss of appetite.

Northern Lights feminized flavors

Northern Lights feminized seeds give you buds with an earthy and piney aroma, similar to the scent of the forest. The combined fragrance is irresistible to users.


The toking experience is unique. When you consume it, the first taste you get is woody and earthy. Then, you’ll savor a sweet flavor with occasional hints of citrus. A sweet and sour tang lingers on the exhale, making you want more.

How to germinate Northern Lights feminized seeds

If you want healthy plants that produce a bumper harvest, you need to get quality Northern Lights feminized seeds. Before we show you where to get them, let’s look at a critical part of the growth process. You need to germinate your seeds correctly.


There are several techniques you can use to get your seeds to sprout roots:


  • Paper towels
  • Soil
  • Water
  • Peat pellets

The time it takes for your Northern Lights feminized seeds to germinate will vary. However, you should see roots between 4–7 days. If any seed doesn’t sprout after 14 days, you’ve got a dud, which can happen when you don’t buy seeds from a reputable source.

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Let’s look at each method to germinate your Northern Lights feminized seeds in detail:


Paper towel method

This 3-step method is straightforward and uses implements you have in your kitchen.

  • Two plates
  • Two paper towels
  • Unchlorinated water
  • Spray bottle
  • Tweezers


Sterilize your workspace and tools, so you don’t contaminate your Northern Lights feminized seeds.


Step 1: Spray the napkins. You want them moist but not soaked with water.


Step 2: Place one paper towel on a plate. Carefully lay your seeds about an inch apart on the napkin.


Step 3: Cover your Northern Lights feminized seeds and keep them in a dark place.


Check your seeds regularly and spray them if necessary to ensure they don’t dry out. You may see taproots after 24 hours, but it can take longer than that, so don’t lose hope. Once the taproots appear, plant the seedlings.


Soil method

Anyone with gardening experience can plant their Northern Lights feminized seeds in soil. Using earth means you can let nature take over after you put the seeds in.


Use a seed starter or potting mix but ensure the pH level is about 6.5. Don’t add fertilizer, as these mediums have the essential nutrients your young weed plants need.

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As you don’t have to handle your Northern Lights feminized seeds again, you won’t damage the delicate roots when they sprout. All you have to do is watch them grow into plants. Typically, you’ll see stems after 4–7 days. When the plant is about four inches tall, transfer it into a bigger pot.


Water method

All you need for this method is a glass of plain water. Add 2–3 Northern Lights feminized seeds when the water temperature is about 65°F.


Refill the water daily, keeping the temperature constant. Taproots will typically sprout within 24–48 hours. Don’t worry if it takes longer. Transfer the seedlings when the roots appear but be sure to handle them delicately to avoid damaging them.


Peat pellets method

Germinating your Northern Lights feminized seeds in peat pellets is also safe. You don’t have to handle the seedlings and risk harming the fragile roots. Peat is ideal because it has a perfect pH of 5.5.


The process is simple. First, soak the peat in warm water, so it expands. Then, insert your seeds. When roots appear, transplant the pellet into the soil.

Northern Lights feminized seeds grow information

Cultivating Northern Lights feminized seeds is beginner-friendly because the cultivar can thrive in diverse climates as long as conditions aren’t extreme. The strain is resistant to pests and mold.

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You can grow it indoors and outdoors because Northern Lights feminized seeds produce crops that are between 3–6 feet tall. You’ll get dense colas filled with tasty buds when they’re ready for harvest.


You can use soil or hydro when growing Northern Lights feminized seeds. Cultivating your plants in a controlled environment helps them develop optimally. Maintain the humidity level around 50% and the temperature between 70–80°F to get very dense buds.


Studies show that nutrient-rich, organic soil can boost the strain’s terpene profile and improve the fragrance and flavor of your Northern Lights feminized seeds’ buds. It can also strengthen your plant’s immunity to diseases and enhance its medicinal properties.


A hydroponics system requires an investment in the setup. However, it can speed up the vegetative process and help your plants mature quicker. This method also increases bud production.


If you want faster growth and a bountiful yield, incorporate the Sea of Green (SOG) technique when cultivating Northern Lights feminized seeds indoors. Regular pruning of foliage and stems prevents moisture buildup and promotes the effective use of nutrients.


With Northern Lights feminized seeds, flowering takes only 6–8 weeks, so you won’t have to wait long to collect your stash. Under optimal conditions, indoor cultivation can produce a yield of up to 18 oz./m2.

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You can cultivate plants from Northern Lights feminized seeds outdoors if you live somewhere warm and sunny. With sufficient nutrition and an ideal environment, your Northern Lights feminized seeds can reward you with 31 oz. of buds per plant. Harvest time is usually in late September or early October.


A huge advantage of cultivating Northern Lights feminized seeds is that you get the best bang for your buck. Having crops that are 100% female means you maximize the output from a limited space.

Northern Lights feminized seeds genetics

You can’t dispute the quality of Northern Lights feminized seeds because of their illustrious lineage. This cultivar is the product of a cross between two superior landraces, Afghani and Thai.


The former is a potent indica that offers powerful sedating effects. It’s also responsible for the sweet, earthy fragrance of its offspring. The other parent is a sativa native to Thailand, known for the euphoric sensation smokers experience and the buds’ fruity, citrus scent.


This table summarizes the Northern Lights feminized seeds genetics.


Thai Northern Lights feminized seeds

Where to buy Northern Lights feminized seeds

You can buy Northern Lights feminized seeds in the USA in dispensaries if your state laws allow the sale of marijuana. However, if it’s illegal where you live, you can get them from online seed banks such as Homegrown Cannabis Co., which offer the following benefits:

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  • Quality seeds – reputable seed banks are known for providing high-quality seeds. Many sellers offer replacement guarantees because they know their seeds always germinate.
  • Expert staff – these companies usually employ experts to ensure their business is professionally run. You can consult them about Northern Lights feminized seeds before you make a decision.
  • Wide selection – While most dispensaries offer a limited choice of seeds, established seed banks have a wide range to choose from. You may get a rare or hard-to-find strain if you’re lucky.
  • Attractive prices – in a competitive marketplace, most sellers offer special promos such as Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO), which allow you to get two packets of seeds for one price.
  • Convenience – You can browse and place your order of Northern Lights feminized seeds in the USA from home or anywhere with internet access.
  • Privacy – when you buy Northern Lights feminized seeds from established seed banks, you can rest assured your details are safe. Most vendors have secure payment systems to safeguard your financial info.
  • Customer service – companies that prioritize customer satisfaction usually offer excellent assistance when required.
  • Discreet delivery – the companies will deliver your pack of Northern Lights feminized seeds to your doorstep without drawing any attention from your neighbors.
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Are Northern Lights feminized seeds for you?

If you’re a beginner, Northern Lights feminized seeds are suitable as they’re easy to grow and offer a bountiful harvest. The plants are low-maintenance and can adapt to almost every environment.


When you consume Northern Lights feminized seeds’ buds, you’ll enjoy a cerebral boost and physical relaxation that makes for a perfect evening. If you have medical ailments, you can expect to find relief after using the strain.


We hope that the knowledge you’ve gathered inspires you to buy your first Northern Lights feminized seeds and get your garden started.

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