July 9, 2021

The one-piece swimsuit is the first female swimsuit in history, born well before bikinis. In recent years it has been cleared through customs and has returned to the fore more modern, fashionable and bolder than ever.

Sexy interior costumes

The costume can undoubtedly be a weapon of seduction. Deep necklines and cut-out finishes make this model very sensual and provocative, especially as regards the one-piece thong swimsuit. This comes directly from the California beaches of Baywatch as well as the high-cut swimsuit, which becomes even more daring thanks to the foliage prints.
Among the trends of the 2019 summer season there is certainly the leopard print and the full bustier costumes, models that recall the corsets of the ladies of the past reinterpreted in a sexy key for the modern girl who wants an unforgettable beach outfit.

Particular whole costumes

The women’s one-piece swimsuit in colorful and floral prints is another fashion trend that is the protagonist of the summer. The one-piece swimsuit with striped patterns alternates with more jaunty models, with tropical print, with palm leaves and exotic flowers.
These patterns are then combined with nautical ropes, crochet work and transparent lace inserts that give unique and original touches. Among these models of women’s one-piece swimsuit we can choose the model that best suits our body: bardot neckline or deep V-neck for the very young or for those with little breasts.

Bandeau swimsuits

The one-piece swimsuit without straps or straps is a must to leave the shoulders completely uncovered and thus allow an even tan. A tan without swimsuit marks and a sinuous beach outfit.
Among these models of women’s one-piece swimsuit we can choose among those with belts, knots but above all sweetheart necklines and wide necklines on the back. There is, of course, the one-piece swimsuit with ruffles, a trend in line with the dictates of the fashion of the moment.

Costumes with cups and underwire

Most women do not like to wear padded swimsuits because, after a swim in the sea or in the pool, they are weighed down by the water and therefore uncomfortable. In order not to give up on support, you can opt for one piece swimsuits with underwire. As for the patterns we can definitely indulge ourselves, from the classic Vichy to the striped prints, passing through the solid colors with new decorations.

One-shoulder costumes

The one-shoulder women’s one-piece swimsuit plays on asymmetries and is characterized by openings on the sides that make this one-of-a-kind swimsuit. Ruffles, jewel details and laser cuts complete the style of this particular model.

One-piece swimsuits with V-neck

The deep and generous V-neckline is extremely feminine and refined, even in the one-piece swimsuit. Belts, ruffles and bows make this model particularly original, without however affecting practicality. In fact, these are ideal costumes for a day at the spa or for an evening by the sea.

One-piece swimsuit for curvy women

The Mediterranean woman is busty and makes her curves a strong point but, above all, she knows how to enhance her curvy physique. Deep necklines and cups for those with large breasts, but also belts to mark the waist.
In addition, as regards the plus sizes, the pin-up style models are particularly suitable, inspired by the model of a prosperous woman as was in vogue at the time of their success.

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