March 23, 2022



PDF fillable forms are a crucial aspect of the document format that is used by everyone from government agencies and legal and medical professionals. The versatility of the format means it can be changed or edited to suit a particular purpose. Government agencies use them to let people apply for special services, request certain documentation, and pay their taxes. Lawyers use them to format and create new contracts or legal agreements. In the medical profession, PDF forms can make it easier to collect, collate and share important medical information.


Coronavirus Self Declaration Form


It has become increasingly important in the era of Covid-19 for people to present the proper documentation to authorities detailing their travel history, contacts, and any symptoms. These documents are often given out by the government or public health authorities, but people can also make them using a PDF form creator.


Using a blank PDF template, users can create these documents that list important details like:


  • Name and contact information
  • Travel history
  • Contacts in the last 14 days
  • Possible symptoms
  • Vaccination status


So that authorities can have an accurate picture of whether they should be in quarantine or if they are eligible to enter the country. These records can be kept on file to help national or local governments perform contact tracing should an individual test positive for the coronavirus afterward.

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Patient Medical History Form


PDF templates for medical forms give people a straightforward way to collect their important medical information safely. These templates can be downloaded from several PDF editing sites, while also being safeguarded with tools like password encryption, watermarks, and the use of digital signatures.


These forms can act as a record-keeping tool to help medical professionals understand a patient’s medical history before a consultation. These templates can list information like any past allergies, medical conditions, current medications, and physical attributes (height, weight, gender, etc.)


 Hospital Discharge Form


A Hospital Discharge Form is an essential form that nurses, administrators, and physicians all need to fill out to let a patient leave the hospital. The form should contain crucial information like the patient’s name, ID number, attending physician, and the illness being treated. A challenge with creating a hospital discharge form is what kind of information should be added and what should be admitted.


Different hospitals and medical facilities will have their guidelines on what the form should contain, but they can easily modify or annotate pdfs in a premade template with a PDF editing tool like Lumin PDF. Lumin is an online PDF editor that also features a wealth of pre-made PDF templates.

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Users can download an appropriate template and then use Lumin to make changes to the file. Whether it be to add or remove text dialog boxes, create new fillable lines and drop-down text boxes to make filling them out easier, Lumin can help anyone create a specialized form, including a hospital discharge form.


Coronavirus Intake Form for Massage Therapy


An intake form for any business that requires in-person visits like massage therapy can help them separate vaccinated from unvaccinated clients and allow only eligible people into their facility. These forms can help collect vital data sets like names, contact information, and contacts within the last 14 days.


Businesses can download these templates for free from several different sites and then edit them to suit their particular needs. They can shorten, add or delete fields from the form and create more space for users to fill in more information. These edited forms can then be posted online so users can download them or fill them in online.


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