October 21, 2021

Have you ever wondered about that person behind the bar that moves like a shadow? You will see them with fresh towels on one hand and glassware on the other.

The only time you can get close to him is if he is cleaning spills or broken glass. Have you ever wondered who replenishes the bar or changes the keg in a bar? It is a barrack.

What Does He Do?

A barback is the most overlooked and uncelebrated workforce behind every successful bartender. When the bartender is busy making cocktails, splitting checks, and taking payment, barbacks flit from one workstation to the other preparing garnishes, staking napkins, polishing glasses, and having a good chat with the clients.

According to Lightspeed, they may be operating in the shadows and behind the scenes, but he is as essential as the bartender because he ensures the bar’s smooth running and determines its success. They make work easier for the bartender by providing him with everything that they need. They also keep the service area tidy and the customers entertained.

What Are Their Duties and Responsibilities?

Their duties and responsibilities can be split to before service, during service, and after service. Let’s look at their shifts and what’s expected of them.

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Before Service

They are responsible for keeping the bar fully stocked at all times. They prepare all garnishes, limes, lemons, olives, herbs, among others. They label and date the containers, refills all trays with olives and lemon, restocks the liquor, changes the keg, replenishes peanuts, toothpicks, ashtrays, and napkins, and makes sure that every bar station the bartender has clean rags ready for use.

During Service

As the bartender mixes cocktails, this uncelebrated hero cleans counters, clears glasses as he runs drinks, cleans all dishes and glasses, sweeps all broken glasses, cleans spills, and helps the bartender with punching orders onto the POS system. It is also his responsibility to look around and alert the security on anyone with outside bottles, anyone underage, and if and when a queue from outside.

After Service

After service, this bartender right wing man cleans all counters, unclogs sinks, sets up the bar for the next shift, mops behind the bar, takes out his shift’s trash, cleans any glasses, dishes, or furniture ready for the next shift. He is also tasked with restocking all containers, dating them, and naming them for the next shift.

How Much Are They Paid

Their average wage is $27316 before tips. Payment is hourly, and their hourly average is $11.01, including claimed tips and base pay. Every bartender must tip their help at the end of the shift with between 1-2% of the days’ sales or 5-20% of the tips.

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Creating A Career from Down

If you are looking to grow upward in the hospitality industry, then bar backing is an excellent starting point. You can later join bar-tending school or learn on the job, later become a bar manager. This job is a clear stepping stone that can help you ascend all levels of a sommelier.

This job also offers you a team to work with and cash at hand every single night.

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