Shar Jackson Bio, Age, Net Worth in 2022, Husband, Boyfriend, Children, Height
December 8, 2021

Shar Jackson Bio, Age, Net Worth in 2022, Husband, Boyfriend, Children, Height

Shar Jackson Bio, Age, Net Worth in 2022, Husband, Boyfriend, Children, Height

An American actress and singer, Shar Jackson is best known for her role as Niecy Jackson on the UPN show “Moesha.” Additionally, she was the winner of the 2007 MTV reality show “Celebrity Rap Superstars.”



Jackson’s family background

Charles was born in August 31, 1976 exist Boston, Massachusetts, United States as a Charise Jackson. As of 2019, she is 43 years old.Besides, her father was People of African American, Puerto Rican and Mexican descent And her mother is African American and Native American ancestry.

What’s more, she’s a cousin Cherie Johnson She is best known for playing Maxine in “Family Matters.” There is no information about her parents and siblings.


Shar has U.S. citizenship, but her races are mixed Puerto Rican, Mexican, African American, Probably Native American.She attended a private school named Costa Mesa High School and completed her BA and MA in Psychology Forensic Science.

What is Shar Jackson Net Worth and Salary?

American actress Shar’s net worth is about $2 million This is what she has gained from her career. Her salary and other income have not been disclosed. She has gained so much wealth from her acting and singing career. Shar has acted in many movies and reality TV shows.

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She also made a large portion of her fortune from singing with a number of rappers and singers. She lives a luxurious life with her family.

Why did Shar Jackson and Kevin Federline separate?children

Sarah was engaged Kevin Federline The two welcomed a man named Corey Madison Federline exist July 31, 2002 and a son named Caleb Michael Jackson Federline exist July 20, 2004. However, the couple separated within a short time.The reason for their separation is said to be Kevin cheat her Britney Spears.

Shar Jackson with her four children, Kori Madison Federline, Cassilay Monique Jackson, Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline, Donovan JacksonDescription: Shar Jackson and her four children, Corey Madison Federline, Casey Lemonic Jackson, Caleb Michael Jackson Federline, Donovan Jackson

Still, she dated a high school boy, and she had a son Donovan Antonio “Donnie” Jackson with him.Donovan was born in June 23,1993, with a daughter Cassel Monique ‘Casey’ Jackson born in September 20, 1994.

once Chris Massey Accusing Shar Jackson of beating his daughter, Maria.then Time he obtained a temporary restraining order to keep Shar away from his daughter. Additionally, Maria got out of the car to spend time with her mother and grandmother, and even reported that she had a four-inch razor on her forehead when he picked her up.

Shar Jackson’s height and weight

Shar’s perfect height is 5 feet 6 inches Weight is 55 kg. She has green eyes and dark brown hair.In addition to that, her body measurements are 34-25-32 inches.

Shar Jackson’s career

  • In her infancy, she starred in the TV series “Peng‘ In 1993, she played the role of Rhonda.
  • In the same year, she starred in “Tamika”CB4‘ and as Charlayne in ‘Great hope’. Even she played the role of Carol/Monica in “With Mr. Cooper” from 1993 to 1995.
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Shar JacksonCaption: Shar Jackson (Photo: Wikipedia)

  • She kept appearing in the film industry as Monique in the movies’good burgers’ 1997. In addition, she played the role of Felicia in the and basketball‘ In 2000, Uwama Lane in ‘Steppin: Movies‘ in 2009, and Candy in “I Will…I Did It”‘ in 2009.
  • In addition, she also made a breakthrough in the role Nancy Jackson exist ‘Moisha‘From 1996 to 2001.
  • Meanwhile, she appears as Desiree in ‘sister, sister‘ In 1998, Niecy Jackson was in ‘Pax’ From 1999 to 2000, Alison was in ‘Everybody hates Chris’ In 2008, with her in ‘hollywood davis‘ in 2015.

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