Shayla Somer Gibson Bio, Age, Net Worth in 2022, Parents, Relationships, Height,
December 13, 2021

Shayla Somer Gibson Bio, Age, Net Worth 2022, Parents, Relationships,


Shayla Somer Gibson Bio, Age, Net Worth in 2022, Parents, Relationships, Height,

Shayla Somer Gibson is the daughter of actor and R&B singer Tyrese Gibson.



Sarah Summer Gibson’s Early Life

Sarah Summer Gibson was born in July 11, 2007inside America. In 2019, she was 12 years old.She is Norma Gibson and Tyrese GibsonHowever, her parents divorced in 2009 after she was born.

Sarah and her parentsCaption: Shayla and her parents

Shayla holds American citizenship and is of mixed race. Since Shayla is only 12 years old, she is still in school.

The Personal Lives of Sheila Summer Gibson’s Parents

Since Shayla is too young to discuss her relationship, we will talk about her parents. Shyla’s parents were December 2, 2007, in Los Angeles. Her father fell in love with her mother when she was in school, and the couple started dating soon after. After five years of dating, they got married.

Unfortunately, after Sheila was born, conditions were not good between her parents and they eventually decided to separate and divorce. August 20, 2009. After the divorce, her father remarried Samantha Lee Gibson exist February 14, 2017.

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And, after her parents divorced, they fought a lengthy battle for custody of her. Her father was even accused of torturing her. But in the end, her father won custody and she now lives with her father and stepmother Samantha.

Sheila Summer Gibson father net worth

When we discussed Shayla’s father’s career, we knew he was a man of many talents. Being so successful, he not only gained fame, but fame.His estimated net worth is approximately $10 million by 2022. Since Shayla lives with her father, we are sure that she and her father live like a princess.

Shyla Somer Gibson’s Parenting Career

  • Since Shayla is too young to roll her own, we’ll talk more about her celebrity dad.
  • Her father, Tyrese, is one of the popular American singer, rapper, actor model, VJ, screenwriter, film producer, author and television producer. He has been a very successful man his entire career.
  • Some of his famous albums include “Sweet Lady”, “I Like Them Girls”, I want to go there, “how could you do that” etc.
  • Likewise, his films include the most famous fast and Furious recurring series, Transformers, baby boy, four brothers, waist deep, and soon.

Sarah Summer GibsonCaption: Shayla Somer Gibson with her father (Photo:

  • Not only an actress and singer, her father is also a skilled writer and producer.
  • He has received awards such as Grammys and many other nominations.
  • As a daughter with so many talents, I believe that Shyla will also grow into a talented girl in the entertainment industry.
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