September 15, 2022

SIAM LOTTO is the leading Lottery brand in Thailand, competing with MegaMillions and Powerball. To join their lotteries, you must buy a lotto ticket at any retail outlet around Thailand at สยามล็อตโต้ or Online Lotto.

If you are interested in reading more about SIAM lottery operator, continue reading our review below, we will share information about Siam Lotto’s satchel lotto protests and how much it costs to join.


Siam Lotto’s Satchel Lotto Program

Siam Lotto’s satchel lotto program is called the Siam Lotto It’s your Bag. This bag is available in 4 different variants, according to the win amount you want. The satchel lotto machines will be placed a ball at all lottery outlets.

How to play Siam Lotto?


  1. You can also buy a ticket online.
  2. You can join different lotteries with the same ticket and draw a number for each lottery.
  3. You can choose to win the whole amount or just a share.


2 way play in SIAM Lotto ticket online.

When you buy a Siam Lotto ticket, there will be 2 parts to the ticket.

  • The first part is a satchel lotto ticket number, which is used for lotteries. You can draw the number at 6 different lottery machines or pick a number online.
  • The second part is the actual lotto draw result, which will display the winning numbers. You can print this result and check the numbers at home.
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How Much Does It Cost to Join Siam Lottery?

There are 3 types of Siam Lottery membership plans available join with the Thai government (GLO)

  • The first option is the Siam Lotto’s Individual Membership. This membership type is for single people who want to join the lotteries. It costs 13,500 baht per year, or around $480.
  • The second type of membership is Family MembershiThe Family Membership is cheaper than the Individual Membership. It costs 21,000 baht per year, or around $60. If you buy a Family Membership, you cannot join different lotteries.
  • The third type, call a Siam Lottery’s Weekly Membership, is available for seven days. You can pay 5,000 baht per week or $150 per month. You can join the Weekly Membership only once and buy as many weeks as you want. You can use the money to play different lotteries or save it for future expenses.



If you don’t have enough money to join a member of Siam Lottery with GLO, Siam Lotto’s website is free to register. You can buy a lotto like Huay UFA.

How Often Does Siam Lotto Draw?

Siam Lotto takes place every day, every week, every Saturday and every date, 15 and 31st. The baht-only and $1 Million Scratch lotteries take place on the same days and times as the satchel lotto lotteries.

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The Siam Lotto Saturday is their most popular lottery, with around 2 million tickets sold. The Siam Lotto $1 Million Satchel Lotto is one of their most popular lotteries. It costs 6,000 baht per entry, and you can buy ten tickets maximum.

The Siam Lotto $1 Million B.E.S.T Lottery is the latest addition to the lotteries. It costs 7,500 baht per entry, and you can buy 10 tickets maximum. This lottery has 12 winning combinations.


Is There a Lottery Draw Date for Siam Lotto?

There is no specific lottery draw date for Siam Lotto. You can join the lotteries at any time and get a result. The tickets will be valid until the last day of the month.


If you buy a ticket on May 26th, you can join the lotteries on June 31st.

If you buy a ticket on July 10th, you can join the lotteries on July 15th.


How to Join Siam Lotto?

Siam Lotto shares the same registration process for all lotteries 4d result 6d.


  1. Thai Lotto.
  2. Malay Lotto.
  3. Lao Lotto.
  4. Hanoi Lotto.
  5. Cambodia Lotto.


You can buy a satchel lotto ticket at any retail outlet or online. You will receive lottery tickets from the ticket dispenser, which are part of your lotto draw.

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Take your first ticket, and keep it safe. You need it to join the lotteries. You need to remember the ticket number and the draw result.

Go to Siam Lotto. System will keep a record for you. Buyer must remember username and password.

The rest Siam Lotto will keep your ticket 100% safe.



Siam Lotto is the leading lottery brand in Thailand. The satchel lotto program allows you to win the whole amount or a share of the jackpot.

Different types of Lotto will draw on other days and times. Every week on Saturday, jackpots are the baht-only and $1 Million Scratchoff lotteries take place on the same days. Therefore, you must join Siam Lotto if you want to play the Thai lotteries.


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