marketing strategico - Strategic marketing, what it is and what it is for
July 9, 2021

Strategic marketing can be defined as the process through which a company determines the most suitable competitive strategy for achieving its medium-long term objectives.

Strategic marketing is often dismissed as if it were a topic that concerns only large companies with an international connotation but, in reality, the philosophy that governs strategic marketing should be the basis of every strategy or marketing plan also developed by technical and professional studies. micro and small enterprises or SMEs.

What is meant by strategic marketing? What does strategic marketing mean?

Strategic marketing is a process consisting of several phases that starts from an analysis of the market and competitors, passes through the selection of the reference target, up to the development of a precise marketing plan and the most suitable positioning strategies for meet the needs of their target market

A marketing strategy must have very clear objectives, but its main purpose is to create a clear competitive advantage that allows growth, even profitable, of any business.

Strategic marketing must make it possible to achieve the goal of obtaining a greater profit with the use of less money and less time.

What is the difference between strategic and operational marketing?

Everything that is strategically defined must then be translated into operations and therefore into specific activities.
By definition, therefore, operational marketing is all the activities necessary to convert the objectives outlined in the marketing strategy into concrete results.
Strategic marketing is the fundamental support without which operational marketing is merely the execution of activities. Both must therefore be synergistic and integrate perfectly.

In essence, strategic marketing is the mind, the guide, while operational marketing is the arm but it is an arm that has its own intelligence because in addition to acting it must know how to measure, monitor, and modify over time what is necessary to achieve the desired results. .

Why is it so important for entrepreneurs and professionals?

Firstly, if you don’t have an effective marketing strategy, whatever you do in terms of marketing and communication, it will never produce the most of what you could get.

Strategic marketing must continuously generate target customer contacts and higher profitability, based on how much you invest in the marketing plan.
Therefore, the return on investment in marketing can never be maximized if a strategic approach is not adopted.

Second, without the clarity that defining a marketing strategy brings, your business may not be able to function efficiently, which means unnecessary waste of resources, time and money.

You could be investing in the wrong business, channel, or marketing tool. It might be a great business, but you’re using the wrong message or getting your website ranking strategy wrong . It could be a great business but you are communicating to the wrong target market.

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