July 9, 2021

According to Forbes magazine, the technological innovations of 2021 will be the driving force in managing the change that the whole world is experiencing due to the pandemic.
So let’s see what the main technological innovations of the new year will be.

Technological innovations of 2021

Smartphone, all the technological innovations coming in 2021

Among the latest technological innovations, foldable smartphones are gradually gaining ground. These will be the technological innovations of the Chinese companies of Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo but also of Google.
However, this technology does not represent a real novelty since an indiscretion had already circulated in August that gave Big G to work on a foldable Pixel scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2021, while for Oppo it had been the vice president Brian Shen at share some pictures of a folding prototype as early as February 2019.
More recently, during the OPPO Future Technology Conference, information came on the OPPO X 2021 which would have passed 100,000 tests of opening and closing the structure without any damage, although many still remain details to improve.
Xiaomi, on the other hand, is known to have already filed some patents for devices with similar characteristics to Samsung’s rival Galaxy Z Fold 2, with particular reference to the external display designed to extend over almost the entire available surface.
And at Apple? The American company will need to be patient: Apple is expected to release the foldable iPhone in 2022. But in September 2021, the iPhone 13 could arrive in the meantime.

New Sony headphones

According to industry experts, Sony is among the names to keep an eye on. In the last period it has dominated the scene with its noise canceling headphones, which have aroused excitement in the world of audio. Is it the right time for a new generation of WF-1000XM3? Launched last August, the earphones are among the latest new technologies that have given Apple AirPods a hard time thanks to the Dual Noise Sensor technology and the HD QN1e processor, developed to guarantee the wearer complete isolation in any situation of the everyday life.
The aesthetics are also taken care of, with a simple and sober design, designed to fit comfortably to the ear thanks to the various sizes of rubber tips available in the package.

Technological innovations in Apple Smartwatches

Sales of smartwatches and wireless headsets are growing. Apple in the head.
After the highly anticipated Apple Watch 6 arrived on the market at the end of October, according to some rumors, the Cupertino company is planning to launch the new Apple Watch SE for 2021, which could replace the Series 3. The real news is that it would be a relatively inexpensive smartwatch compared to brand standards, similar in appearance to the Apple Watch 3 and with features and technical specifications similar to the latest devices.


Important technological innovations are expected in 2021 also for photography lovers. Canon EOS M50 Mark II, Nikon Z9 and Sony A5 are the expected cameras on the market: it remains to find out which will debut first. Canon EOS M50 Mark II renews some features by adapting to current trends, such as the possibility of streaming on YouTube thanks to the smartphone connection or that of capturing videos in vertical, traditional Instagram and TikTok format.

Oled TV for LG

A fleet of 8K TVs is what experts expect from LG next year, on the other hand it was the brand that launched the world’s first OLED 8K TV on the market. In addition, the brand could get even closer to the gaming world, after last year LG winked at gamers around the world thanks to Nvidia G-Sync support on its 2020 sets.

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