December 1, 2021

Most of us have fond memories of primary school. However, lately there has been an increased focus on getting students ready for college and employment from an early age itself. It seems that the carefree days of elementary education are behind us for good. Even though it is vital for students to learn everything at school which they need in order to thrive in the ever so competitive world once they grow up, it doesn’t necessarily have to be at the cost of sucking out all the fun of learning. Making learning fun is the best way of getting your point across to the majority of students. Moreover, it also directly correlates with better comprehension and retention of the subject matter in the students’ mind.

In this day and age, with technology changing the face of education in every which way, there are a whole lot of teaching tools available at the disposal of modern-day educators to make learning more fun and engaging for the students in their class. With the advent of online classes and the rising popularity of AR/VR and other modern teaching tools, it hardly takes any effort on part of teachers to make learning more enjoyable for the students. Here are a few effective ways of making learning more fun and engaging for the students. Even incorporating a couple of these tips and tricks into your teaching regimen can go a long way in driving up the student engagement and learning outcomes in your class. So, without further ado, let us begin….

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The power of choice-

Remember as kids, we were pretty much told what to do by everyone around us. Sometimes, giving students a say is the way to go. When students have the power to choose, they are much more likely to be engaged and interested in what happens next. It helps in promoting an active learning environment, one where the students exercise a greater control over their learning. You could start by letting the students pick the activity for a group project or any assignment. All this not only helps in making learning more fun, but also makes it easier to get the students to listen in the class and helps them improve upon their decision-making skills.

Gamify the learning environment-

Kids love games. Incorporating games into the class as part of a learning activity is a great way of generating student interest in the lesson. This is the reason why gamification has become a big part of e-learning. You don’t need a lot of preparation for incorporating games as part of learning activity in the classroom. Even a quick search online can lead you to thousands of suitable games. It will certainly amplify the interest of students in learning as it makes learning a lot more fun for them.

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Group activities-

Time and again, we have seen that peer-based learning is a highly effective teaching tool. When students are allowed to work together, they grasp the information more easily and retain it for a longer time as compared to traditional teaching methods. It also helps in building team work and other social skills in the students. Allowing students some group time every now and then also helps in not letting the boredom set in by breaking up the routine and making the lessons much more enjoyable.

Generous use of Technology-

Technology has become a major part of the modern-day education system which is quite convenient as it makes it super easy for the educators to create and disseminate dynamic, engaging and exciting course content among their students. There are endless possibilities for making learning fun and engaging for the students without diluting the study material, by tapping into the power of technological teaching tools. Using VR, smart classes, AI and many other tools, we can control many aspects of teaching and make learning more enjoyable for the students. Therefore, educators must look for ways of incorporating technology in their class and use it to good effect for creating fun learning activities and lessons.

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It is certain that in order to get the students to learn better, educators must be sure to make learning fun for them. Using the tips and tricks mentioned in this article, and with a little practice, it definitely shouldn’t be too big a task!

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