November 2, 2022

Slushies are a popular beverage worldwide because of their texture, flavor options, and ability to freshen us up on a hot day. It does not matter if you are young or old; if you have ever tasted a slushy, you know how good these are. Slushies tend to come in various sizes and forms. The two most common ones are found in the hands of athletes in the form of a popsicle, while others like to have it in its beverage form.


It does not really matter which part of the world you come from, introduce them to a slushy, and they will definitely fall in love with it. Honestly, what is not to love about a slushy? This blended iced beverage is available in many colors and flavors and is the best way to hydrate yourself on a hot summer day.


You may think your favorite slushy may be more harmful than beneficial, but this blog lists ten reasons to drink slushies.

  1. Studies suggest it is beneficial in activities such as endurance sports because high body temperatures during endurance sports lead to fatigue. To fight fatigue, athletes tend to opt for slushies which are a popular beverage choice thanks to the energy boost it provides along with hydration.
  2. Slushies can be used for cooling the body pre-exercise, during, and post-exercise – slushies reduce the body temperature and reduce sweating, making it easier for the person exercising to complete their exercise.
  3. Some slushies have anti-inflammatory properties – ingredients such as watermelon have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that help keep certain diseases away. Fruits such as watermelons are high in vitamins A and C, which promote the production of collagen, which is good for your skin.
  4. They are easy to make – you can get a delicious beverage with just three to four ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen.
  5. Regulates body temperature during hot days as well
  6. It keeps you hydrated – the ice present in the slushies helps with hydration. No wonder these are a summer favorite!
  7. It is a beverage everyone loves – you can serve slushies at any event, and not a single person will complain about it.
  8. Some slushies regulate your weight – because slushies mainly consist of 3-4 ingredients, the cholesterol intake, carbohydrate intake, and saturated fat intake are very low. This helps manage your weight and can be consumed at least once daily.
  9. Easy to make – truth be told, slushies are one of the easiest beverages to make. You can make them at home with just a few ingredients. You will need crushed ice or ice cubes that you can crush in a blender, a drink mix or syrup flavor of your choice, fresh fruits (this is optional), and a little bit of sugar to prevent the ice from freezing into a solid.
  10. You can regulate your calorie intake with slushies – a slushy contains about half the amount of sugar and calories that a sweetened aerated beverage has and is, therefore, a better choice when it comes to regulating your calorie intake.
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In conclusion, whether you are battling the summer heat or need a little concoction to cool down your body and fight fatigue- the slushy is your answer to all these problems.


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