September 25, 2021

Now that the holidays are fast approaching, it implies hosting a party could be in your plans. It is but natural that the main focus will be the dining table. Therefore, your efforts should be on creating a great impression in the minds of your guests. Experts at Huff Post believe that creating an enchanting tablescape would be the perfect way of dressing up your table when guests are invited for a get-together.

A successful tablescape depends primarily on personalizing your table. Fortunately, today you can give your table décor a whole new dimension with fitted stretch table covers. They are a cooler and newer version of traditional tablecloths, and they serve the same purpose, however, they are infinitely different in appearance. They are made of spandex kind of stretchable fabric.

Stretchable fitted covers for your tables are great for company events, tradeshows, exhibitions, conferences, etc. You could easily attract your target audience to your company’s table display at a tradeshow with custom-tailored stretch covers that have your logo designs printed on them.

You could get your table covers printed with the help of an effective ‘full-color dye sublimation method for providing the boldest and vibrant color tones. Organizations could use the sides, front, and top of the fitted table covers for printing their logo or other designs and important information. If you are wondering how the table cloth stays in place, you should understand that each spandex fitted table cover has been reinforced with proper footing pockets meant for each leg of the table. It helps by preventing the table cover from slipping off the edges. Let us explore the top reasons to use a stretchable fitted table cover.

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They Are Stretchable

The chief advantage of a fitted table cover is that it can stretch. It means that when it is not used on a trestle table, it automatically shrinks down and becomes small and manageable. It is a wonderful attribute from the storage point of view. The stretchy material helps in not only reducing storage space but also in reducing hassle. You do not have to box or fold the table cover for making it look nice and presentable. Remember that spandex stretches out completely and becomes a crease-free taut display hugging the table below. You do not have to go through the pains of folding and re-folding every time you have a party at home or an official event. Moreover, you enjoy generous legroom thanks to the fitted tablecloths.

They Can Be Printed

Stretchable table covers can be dye-sublimation printed. It implies that they are having high definition print extending from one edge to the other. It allows unrestricted flexibility, as far as, branding goes. You could opt for a simple and single logo. Alternatively, you could choose a busy and vibrant custom artwork as per your preference.

They Are Affordable

Businesses often fail to succeed because of a lack of good marketing. However, good marketing should never burn a hole in your pockets. Using custom table covers could be a great way of promoting your business at events and tradeshows. These stretchable fitted covers for your tables are reasonably priced and can be used again and again.

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It is high time you took your table décor to the next level both at home and at events and tradeshows with the help of versatile and beautiful fitted covers for your tables.


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