Viber Monitoring: How To Monitor On Viber Messages
August 13, 2021

Monitor your Viber activity with AddSpy to protect your kids from dangerous or unwanted interactions. Viber is a chat application that allows users to call, chat and share media. Like other chat rooms, Viber is the perfect place for bullies and predators to trap children.

How Does AddSpy Viber Monitoring App work?

The answer is easy. This runs in the background, normally goes ignored by the device user, and receives data from Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, and the device’s web browser. The app is completely hidden from the user, so that’s pretty difficult to locate this if you don’t know what you are seeing.

In addition, it is guaranteed to reduce the battery life of the phone, so the operator does not experience a significant reduction in battery life. AddSpy Designed by Viber monitoring software, Viber Magazine is ready to be viewed and downloaded to your dedicated AddSpy account at any time.

Why Will You Find This Feature Useful?

Keep up with the latest technology that is changing the communication habits of young people. Viber is a popular app that lets users make phone calls, send text messages and share photos for free. While Viber is more attractive to teenagers, it now also attracts threats and internet attacks. So use the AddSpy app to monitor your child’s Viber and other chat software to prevent potentially dangerous and malicious communications.

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How To Monitor Viber Location With AddSpy App

When you buy the right parental control app, you have Viber location tracking at your fingertips. This is true with AddSpy, one of the most fully-featured monitoring apps and the best option for parents of kids using Viber.

This is because AddSpy involves spying on Viber not only in terms of conversations. It also includes tools to find out where they are at any given time. If they’re missing, you can go to your control panel and view their location on the map. You can also see which Wi-Fi networks they’ve connected to in the past, which should help you get a clearer picture of where they’ve been and how often they’ve been there.

Everything will be alright. With this Viber spy tool, you can determine safe and dangerous areas. If your child enters or leaves one of these areas, AddSpy will send you an alert so you know if they’re where they shouldn’t.

How To Use A Addspy Viber Monitoring App In 3 Easy Steps

  1. Buy a subscription to a Viber monitoring app similar to AddSpy. Please ensure that your device meets the requirements before purchasing a subscription.
  2. Check out our email for the AddSpy Viber monitoring welcome package. This includes everything you need, including your spy Viber credentials and a link to your dashboard, where you can see all of their conversations.
  3. Your welcome package includes a guide to help you get started. Just follow the instructions and you will be able to have Viber Tracker in your hands right away.
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Nothing Stops Viber Monitoring From Working Correctly

Logs will be created and given to you, even if the user decides to delete the Viber message history. You will have access to the exact date and time all message was sent, your contact list, and files you have shared in communications, even if they were deleted shortly after you sent them.

This is not true only for Viber but also for the WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger apps. Viber Monitor for mobile devices works the same way. And you will be able to view surveys and remove monitoring of people’s traffic, even if they use private and secret methods.

Viber Monitoring Other Features

Some other useful benefits that you will find in Viber spy software are location tracking and SIM blocking. If you enable site tracking, your account will have a log of all user activity and status in the cloud, as well as the ability to track their current locations.

The SIM card lock feature will inform you if the user has changed the SIM card in his android phone. Alternatively, you can ensure that the phone’s front panel takes a picture whenever someone opens the device. This is done carefully, and the images received will be sent to your account, where they are always available for viewing. Using this feature, you can gain valuable insight into how often an employee opens a device at school, so you get an idea of ​​how often they are interrupted by the school, work, or school.

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If more than one person is using the target device. These photos can also help you determine who sent a specific message or phrase to Google. Lastly, if a device is stolen or misused. There is a high chance that the intruder’s face will be photographed when the device is first unlocked.


Available Viber spy software is available for Android, Windows, and Mac OS devices. While it is compatible with most computers. You need to make sure that it is compatible with the Android phone you are looking for.

Firstly, that must be running Android 11, otherwise, you will not be capable to install and use the app. Second, some functions need the phone to be rooted, such as receiving Facebook chats. However, many features, including full Viber logs, will be available on rooted devices as well.

Spying On Someone’s Phone Is Now Easy

Viber monitor by AddSpy is a great way to monitor the actions of your employees or kids on your smartphone. If you are thinking or tension that your employees may be using the tool for their own purposes. The Addspy Viber Monitor app can help you check whether your doubts are true.

So, this will provide you with a tool to identify the harasser and show them evidence of appropriate behavior. If you’re a parent who is concerned about your child’s safety or watching them while they are being tracked or duplicated. Viber Spy is a useful tool to find out what your child is doing with their smartphone. Has been doing.

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You no longer need to get reports of your son’s school playing video games in the classroom or calling your daughter multiple times to find out where she is. All you have to do is install the Viber Monitor app on your child’s smartphone. And then use your account to enter the latest information about his or her activities and whereabouts.

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