January 7, 2022

Truvada is an antiviral medication used to treat existing HIV infections and prevent the HIV infection from developing. It is best effective when used in combination with other similar medicines. Truvada and other medicines containing tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) are hailed as breakthroughs for Hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS treatment.


However, recent research has shown that TDF drugs can cause life-threatening side effects. These side effects are severe liver problems, kidney problems, lactic acidosis (fatal buildup of acid in the blood that may be fatal, bone demineralization, etc. If you have been a victim of kidney injuries because of Truvada, you must contact your attorney to know about the legal processes you can initiate to file for claims.


What are the legal steps you should take if Truvada drugs injure you?


If you have taken Truvada, especially for pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV, and if you suffer from side effects, you are eligible to participate in a lawsuit against Truvada manufacturers. Through this, you may be entitled to claim damages and compensation. To gain the same, you will have to follow two primary steps:

  • Mitigation of the injuries 


After suffering damage from any product, the primary step you must take is to manage your injuries. In this situation, you must seek proper medical treatment as soon as you discover symptoms of illnesses once you have started taking Truvada. Once diagnosed, you must attempt everything possible to limit your financial, physical, and psychological distress to build a good case based on facts.

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  • Consulting and hiring an attorney 


Lawsuits against drug manufacturers usually fall in the ambit of product liability law. This involves situations where big corporations fail to conduct surveys with populations regarding their products and do not provide warnings or enough information regarding the drug’s possible side effects and consequences. Navigating through these legal intricacies may be hard for you as an individual who is already the victim of a corporate mistake. Thus, you must contact your attorney from whom you can seek legal consultation and advice. Some states have a time limit within which you must file a compensation case. This makes it even more necessary to involve an experienced attorney in product liability matters.


Whatever the nature of your injury, if you suffered it due to your job, you are entitled to compensation from the company. By filing claims, you can use the compensation to cover the medical costs of medicines, tests, and examinations once you are diagnosed, the cost of the wages you will miss out on, and general compensation for the injury and losses you have sustained.

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