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December 19, 2021

For example, Chelsea Houska’s husband, Cole DeBoer works as a traffic control specialist, which means he deals with the roads and highways for the state of South Dakota. In September 2017, he also launched his own trendy sock line.

Considering this, What kind of car does Chelsea Houska drive?

Chelsea Houska just picked out a new Land Rover as her “mom car,” and took to Instagram to show off her shiny new vehicle. Chels is pregnant with her second child (her first with fiancé Cole DeBoer), so she was probably looking to upgrade to a car with a bit more space. This looks like it fits the bill nicely!



In this way, How much money does Chelsea DeBoer make? Adam claimed in March 2016 that Chelsea made $250,000 for season 6 and believed, “Chelsea’s contract will be up to 300k plus for new seasons.” The Ashley’s Reality Roundup backed up this claim. In November 2020, Chelsea announced she and her family would be leaving the show that made her famous.

Then, Does Gary Shirley have a job?

He’s A Police Officer

If you watch Teen Mom OG, you’ve probably wondered about Gary Shirley’s job at least once. After all, the show never shows him working or mentions him having a job. The good news is that you don’t have to wonder anymore. Gary works as a police officer in Indiana and was sworn in in 2019.

Which Teen Mom 2 has the most money? Tyler & Catelynn Baltierra

As far as money goes, the couple is doing quite well. Much like the other ‘original’ girls, Catelynn is making an estimated $350,000+ per season of ‘Teen Mom: OG. ‘

What is Chelsea’s dad’s job?

Dentist & family man

You may know Dr. Randy Houska from his years on MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2’, as Chelsea’s quick-witted “Papa Randy.” However, he was a dentist long before he showed up on television screens across America.

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How did Chelsea Houska lose weight?

How did she lose weight? Chelsea reportedly used Profile by Sanford after her pregnancies to shed the extra baby pounds. In an Instagram post uploaded last year, she wrote: “I’m happiest when I’m healthiest, that’s why I’m SO excited to continue my Profile journey.

Does Farrah go to Harvard?

Farrah Abraham is officially a Harvard University reject. The former MTV reality TV star has been outspoken about her dislike for the Ivy League school. The Blast previously reported how Farrah called Harvard’s entirely online program as a “joke” and a “scam.”

Why did Chelsea leave Teen Mom?

Why did Chelsea leave ‘Teen Mom 2’? Houska recently opened up about why she left Teen Mom 2. Ultimately, she didn’t want all of her children’s lives to be filmed. “There just came a point—and I think it was a buildup almost—this feeling in my gut, or my heart, I guess.

Did Cole DeBoer attend college?

As for 29-year-old DeBoer, according to WetPaint, he is a college graduate, and is currently employed as a traffic control specialist in South Dakota.

What did Chelsea Houska do to her teeth?

TEEN Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska admitted she’s getting “clear braces.” The 29-year-old shared the news after fans mocked her “for the way she talks.” Chelsea took to her Instagram Story on Friday to share a video of herself at the dentist.

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What is Kailyn Lowry’s net worth 2021?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lowry is worth approximately $25k. After being cast on 16 and Pregnant, MTV cast her on a second reality show, Teen Mom 2.

What color does Chelsea Houska use?

Chelsea has had her famous red color for years now and recently changed things up a bit. The mother of three chopped it off over the summer and debuted a new look! When fans met Chelsea back in 2009 when she was pregnant with her daughter, Aubree, with her ex, Adam Lind, she had a totally different look!

Did Farrah get kicked out of Harvard?

Teen Mom fans slam Farrah Abraham for claiming she’s a LAWYER after being kicked out of Harvard online classes. TEEN Mom alum Farrah Abraham was slammed for claiming she’s a LAWYER after she was kicked out of Harvard University’s online classes. Fans noticed the 30-year-old said she has a “J.D.” in her Twitter bio.

Does Jenelle finish college?

Jenelle Evans is a college graduate! The Teen Mom 2 star shared the happy news with her Twitter followers after graduating from Miller-Motte Technical College on Friday.

Why did Farrah leave Harvard?

I had to dispute my tuition after the teacher claimed I had a neurological issue yet my other course I was asked to guest speak with effortless A.” “I would advise Harvard is not a safe nor credible school to attend.

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Does Chelsea still have Phil?

Fans wanted to know if Chelsea still had her pet pig, Pete. He hasn’t been filmed for the show in a few years and some people thought that perhaps she had given him away as she started having more kids. But DeBoer still has Pete.

Is Chelsea Houska still married?

After tying the knot in October 2016, Chelsea and Cole started a family of their own. The aesthetician gave birth to their son, Waston Cole, in January 2017. Less than two years later, they became a family of five when Chelsea and Cole welcomed daughter Layne on her 27th birthday.

Why did Chelsea and Adam break up?

His seemingly fleeting interest in their daughter, Aubree’s life is a constant source of stress and worry to Chelsea as she wrestles with her feelings for him and the need to provide Aubree with a stable family life. Chelsea eventually makes the decision to break things off with Adam for good.

Where does Leah from teen mom live?

Leah currently lives with her three baby girls in Charleston, West Virginia.

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