October 18, 2021

Many experienced accountants and finance professionals choose to work as consultants. They are looking for challenging assignments, competitive pay, and a better work-life balance. Many consultants are able to access a variety of opportunities, which not only makes the most of their existing skills but also allows them to continue growing professionally.

Consultants also have bright futures. According to the report, the “gig economy”, also known as the human cloud, and digital transformation companies are inseparable.

Many companies are already hiring contract and interim workers to staff their digital initiatives. This is not only because they require specialized skills but also because they might only need them for the duration of the project. Companies like Experts.ng have a team of Business Consultants, They are passionate in helping your business grow.

The Jobs and AI Anxiety report indicates that companies will increasingly outsource complex, knowledge-based work to support major, complex projects such as ERP upgrades and other financial system implementations.

Another trend that is promising for future consulting careers is the rise of a new labor system. This model includes a managed service approach and draws on full-time staff, interim professionals, and business intelligence consultants.

According to the Jobs and AI Anxiety Report, technology helps enable this model because it makes it easier to work with remote employees and external resources. According to the report, many employers prefer to work with the same consultant on a regular basis because they have a better understanding of the company’s strategies, risks, and opportunities.

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For graduates who love the variety and high salaries, consulting is still a popular career path. It can be difficult to distinguish yourself from others when you are trying to make a career out of management consulting.

What does it mean to be a Business consultant?

Business consultants help organizations in solving problems, improving business performance, creating value, and maximizing growth. They help organizations find solutions to business problems and offer suggestions for improvements. They may be involved in a variety of areas, such as e-business and marketing, supply chain management and business strategy.

Day-to-day duties include conducting company analysis, interviewing employees, preparing business proposals and presentations, and managing the team that oversees the implementation of these ideas.

Why many professionals want to pursue careers in consulting

Consultants have the advantage of being able to choose your work hours and set your own schedule. You can work full-time, part-time, or on multiple engagements simultaneously. You can also move around and work with people and companies that interest you.

1- You can earn attractive compensation 

Some staffing agencies can help you find work with attractive pay. Robert Half’s Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance will give you an idea of the value of your skills and experience in today’s market.

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2- You can expand your skills 

Being a consultant will allow you to increase your professional experience. This is partly because each engagement requires that you adapt to a different work environment, business processes, and systems. You might be able access online training and certification programs if you work for a larger staffing or consulting company.

3- Explore other career options 

You may discover a new career in consulting. This job exposes you to new industries and business challenges, which could lead you to a new full-time position. For senior accountants and finance professionals, consulting can be a bridge to retirement.

How do you get a job as a business consultant ?

Graduates are the most common type of consultants. Every year, top firms hire hundreds of brightest and best graduates to their graduate programs. Senior consultants will refer to graduates as “analysts”. Rotation systems are common in many schemes, which allows you to try different consulting areas and practices.

MBA graduates will be able to enter at a higher level than those with prior work experience.. Although it is more competitive than other jobs, having an MBA or management master’s degree can increase your chances of getting hired as a consultant.

Consultancy firms are well-known for being active recruiters at universities. They are a great place to start your consulting journey. Many large firms offer summer internships or ‘taster’ placements that can help you get in the door

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Networking is a crucial part of securing a business consultant job, as it is for most other competitive professions. This is especially true in consulting, where networking is an integral part.

Many large consulting firms offer several events for students to network. These events include corporate presentations and office hours, as well general networking events. You can make your mark by meeting with recruiters one-on-one during office hours.

Information calls with the recruiters team are another way to show off your skills. They usually take place at the end of October/beginning of November. These calls are a chance to showcase your skills and learn more about the company.

These are helpful tips to help you get a job once you have made your way to interview at a large firm. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any previous experience in consulting. However, it is important to highlight the skills that are relevant to this role.

Most likely, you will be asked less about your past experience and more about how well you fit the job. This could include your willingness to travel and work long hours. As recruiters want to see how you interact with other employees, it is important to display some of your personality during interviews. It’s important to be yourself and let it flow naturally.

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