September 18, 2021


In the vast world of modern tech, there are many software and hardware solutions that people know little or nothing about. It is understandable though since technology is improving and advancing at a rapid pace that common people cannot really keep up with. Despite the fact that we need to try our best to stay in touch with all the novelties, it is simply too much and too often and we usually do not need that much tech in every aspect of our daily lives.

For those of you who have the need of websites for any type of reason, be it private or business, there are numerous things you have to be familiar with. The terminology alone can be a nightmare if you are not as computer savvy as you would like to be. Lucky for you, there are others out there who have gone out of their way to make things easier for the newcomers and those requiring help. Among the things you need to know the most about is best VPS hosting.

What is VPS?

The VPS technology refers to Virtual Private Server. You probably know what a server is, a very capable computer that stores large amounts of files and data that make up websites and other online content. Without a server to host it, you cannot have a website. The name ‘server’ came to be because these computers serve up the website to the people typing it into their browsers. This is hot internet works. So what do virtual private servers have to do with this and why do they even exist?

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Well, there is only so much physical computers can do and a set amount of information they can store. This is where VPS steps in. Using virtual technology, it is able to split a single server into several virtual servers. Basically, one computer works like several, less powerful computers. The private part in there exists because this virtual server is reserved just for you and all of its computational power is for your website to use. Its entire CPU, RAM, and other components are yours and yours only.


How Does It Work?

So now you know a bit about it, but not enough to understand it. How do these private servers work really? It is rather simple. VPS hosting is practically a simulation of the real dedicated server experience, but you still get what you need despite there being more users on the server. You will have your own part of it where you can install your software, your own operating system, all protected with virtual walls. Nobody else who is on there sharing the server with you is able to access or even views your files. You will never actually feel like there is somebody else there with you doing the same thing for their website. In the following sections we will talk about the hands-on benefits of VPS technology and why it can be useful for you. If you wish to find out additional information about this as well as to browse one of the best VPS solutions available, be sure to check out BH Servers.

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Why It is Useful

To answer the titular question of the article, we need to dive deeper into the features of VPS that make it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for ultimate server hosting privacy.


1. Enhanced Security

In case you are worried about the overall security of your data and files related to the website you run, you will want to know that VPS is a safer option to regular hosting. Extra security features, larger amounts of backup space, more reliability, monitoring, and safer even online payments are all features that VPS offers. Most regular servers lack these top-tier options, the ultimate reason why more and more customers opt to switch to virtual private server solutions.


2. Higher Traffic

Sooner or later your website (and your business) will start growing and you will begin noticing higher volumes of traffic. Not every server can deal with this without downtime, without slowing down the user experience, and without loading times lasting seconds instead of milliseconds. Shared hosting is the ideal solution only for so long. If you do not want any slowing down and require optimal operation speeds non-stop, switch to VPS because it will save your business reputation. There is almost no risk of crashing despite the growing amount of visits per day, unlike with other server types.

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3. Online Store Experience

You might not be aware of this, but online stores are among the “heaviest” features websites can have. There are simply too many things that need to come together for the store to remain operational and serve the users a good shopping experience. The moment you start thinking about running an online store or expanding your website to have a store section, you have to switch to VPS. With a safer, dedicated virtual server, you will pass the payment card industry (PCI) compliance test much more easily and have the right standard to perform online sales. Protecting yourself and your users from online theft is crucial if you mean to sell things off of your website.


4. Easier to Build Websites for Clients

If you are in the business of developing websites for others and not just keeping your own website afloat, you should also think about a VPS. Since it is virtual, you are able to host unlimited amount of domains as long as you have enough RAM on your side. This is the approach most web developer firms choose when they are creating websites for clients. It is the standard in the industry and therefore a must if you plan to become a part of it.

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5. Custom Software Support

Last but not least, VPS is a much better option if you end up needing custom server configurations, advanced programming, or any form of custom software. This is because you have more control with a VPS over standard hosting. In addition, programs that require non-stop availability and high internet speeds to run advanced apps benefit more from VPS. In case your website is highly customized and if you are always using new things to attract customers, look no further.

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