January 19, 2022

Hairstyle is one of the main aspects of a great look. Bad hair condition and dull color could destroy even the most glamorous look. Nowadays you could find a lot of different highlighting techniques and pick the one that works for you the most.

Natural hair is trendy! Therefore, techniques that give natural effects are the most popular nowadays. So let’s take a look at a few of them.


This highlighting style works the best for owners of a bob and longer haircuts. Especially those who are afraid to radically change their color, but really want to have a new style.

What is balayage? The name comes from the French word “balayer” – to sweep. By the way, for good reason: in the process, the highlighting makes light swiping movements from top to bottom. Due to “shading”, you get the natural effect of burnt out ends, created by the sun and not by the colorist.

The shade could be different, depending on your preferences – platin, caramel, cold or warm.


Shatush is perfect for those who would like to “get out” of the dark range with the least damage to the hair. Owners of dark hair up to the shoulders and below could already contact their stylists and ask for the shatush.

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It is different from balayage because only some random strands are highlighted. The technique also gives the natural effect of burnt ends, but at the same time visually adds density and makes the color more vivid.

By highlighting, you can correct facial features: emphasize the eye’s color, narrow the face and make its tone fresher. Due to the fact that bleached strands start at different heights, the hairstyle visually becomes more voluminous.




Every woman who cares about her hair health and loves to chance could use this temporary color treatment.

How is it different from ordinary one-color dyeing?  The gentle dye does not penetrate deep into the hair structure that’s why the hair coloring process takes less time.

With toning, you can only slightly change the hair color. Ammonia-free dyes can give hair a different shade (for example, colder or warmer). But if you have naturally fair hair you can make it slightly darker.

If you would like to keep the color, it will be necessary to frequently renew it. Toning will last about 2-4 weeks, and then you will need to dye your hair again. Another benefit of toning is that its formulations often contain caring components, so it does not dry out the hair. Otherwise, it makes the hair silky, shiny, smooth and gives it a healthy look.

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If you are thinking about dying your hair first of all find a good professional colorist. Therefore, we recommend you contact specialists whose vision of the style is similar to yours. After all, the result depends not only on the specialist but the client as well.

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Utiee cares for your natural beauty!




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