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October 3, 2021

Who is Grace Hightower’s child?Meet Elliott and Helen Grace

Grace Hightower and her estranged husband Robert De Niro’s relationship news yesterday (Friday, October 22) After their divorce settlement was updated. In the news, some were eager to know more about Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower’s two children.


Who is Grace Hightower?

Grace Hightower is a philanthropist and entrepreneur known to many marriage To famous actor Robert De Niro.Away from their relationship, Hightower is CEO Founder of coffee brand Grace Coffee.


The coffee source of this brand is Rwanda Aims to improve the lives of locals by sharing the coffee made there with international consumers.

On Grace’s Coffee website, Hightower explain: “Through direct sourcing, fair trade, ethical practices and environmental stewardship, our dedication to coffee farmers around the world will enable them to create sustainable businesses that will be passed down from generation to generation.”

Elsewhere, she has many acting credits Named after her, she has starred in the films Brotherhood (1997), Precious (2009) and Newsboy (2012) over the years.

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Photo by Tyler Hill/FilmMagic

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The Philanthropist’s Relationship with Robert De Niro

Grace Hightower and Robert De Niro said exist late 80’s When Hightower was hostess at Mr Chow restaurant in London.Ten years later, they tied the knot 1997.

Hightor and De Niro it is said Split They have been married for two years But they later reaffirmed their vows at a ceremony in 2004.However, in 2018 It was announced that the couple had separated after 21 years of marriage.

Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

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Who are the children of Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower?

Grace Hightower and Robert De Niro two The children are together, son Eliot and daughter Helen Grace.They welcomed their eldest son Elliot 1998 More than a decade later, Helen Grace 2011.

Elliot, 23, and Helen Grace, 9, are youngest Robert De Niro’s children, as he also has four children from past relationships.In a statement after the parents separated peopleRobert De Niro opens up about his plans to co-parent with Hightor.

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actor explain: “I’m honored that Grace is an amazing mother and asks for privacy and respect from all as we continue to develop our roles as parenting partners.”

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