January 11, 2024

The growth of a company is usually amazing news for everyone associated with the business. For the head of recruitment, however, getting informed about an upcoming branch or a need to hire in large quantities in preparation for major events such as the holiday season can be a mood killer.

They need to acquire multiple workers in a very short timeframe without compromising the quality of hire. But how do they do that? Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) would be the perfect solution.


What’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Most people stick to the term RPO to signify Recruitment Process Outsourcing, which is a talent acquisition model where a business outsources part of, or the entire recruitment process to a third-party specialist.

When it comes to mass hiring, RPO recruiters are the best way to hire at scale since they have the tools and experience to hire fast and in massive amounts without ruining the quality of hire. By outsourcing the challenging sections of a recruitment process, the head of recruitment in a business can focus on the most sensitive parts, to ensure a streamlined process.


Why RPO for Mass Hiring?

Here are a couple of reasons why:


1. Reduces the Time-To-Hire

In many cases, mass hiring is done at a time when a business doesn’t have a lot of time at its disposal. Take, for example, opening a new branch. There’s a lot to achieve within a limited timespan, thus speedy executions are paramount.

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RPO reduces the time to bring new talent on board since RPO providers are well-positioned to expedite the hiring process. Not only do they have unmatched expertise and access to a rich and vast talent pool, but they can also rectify mistakes fast enough to avoid messing up timelines.

In some cases, RPO providers already have the exact candidates you are looking for in their pools – sometimes even prescreened and ready to skip to the interview stage. This can save a lot of time and money.


2. Enhances the Quality of Candidates

Mass hiring doesn’t mean that you should care about the quality of hire. On the contrary, you’d want to hire the best candidates to avoid ending up with a ton of employees who then have to be replaced over performance concerns.

RPO providers can access diverse and proprietary talent pools with top-performing candidates. When selecting them, they’ll go for the ones that are a great fit for your company, thus guaranteeing minimal turnover.


3. Lowers Costs

Bulk hiring can have a great cost implication, which isn’t a good thing in business. Every extra coin you spend may probably have been more impactful if spend on other major areas such as marketing or product research and improvement.

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RPO makes it easier to save the extra money that you’d have spent on the hiring process because you’ll only pay for the services you use. What’s more, you can save even more by not having to expand your HR team over a project that will run for a limited time.


4. Provides Scalability

When it comes to RPO, upsizing should never be an issue. So if you’re interested in mass hiring at the moment to meet a specific need such as having extra hands to cover the festive season, you’ll pay only for that.

If your hiring needs slow down and you don’t need as much assistance, the costs will go down to match your needs.


5. Focus on Core Business

Paying greater attention to the hiring processes required to optimize your staffing needs can mean neglecting some of the crucial aspects of your business. That should not be the case, if you want to have a successful business.

Rather than struggling to maintain a healthy balance, it would be best to engage an RPO provider and have them handle your hiring needs so you can focus on other equally important processes. That way, you can create a great environment for the new employees, thus enhancing your employer brand.

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There You Have It!

Though mass recruitment is a major challenge in any industry, the right hiring strategy can help you handle it effortlessly. Whatever strategy you use, make sure to place RPO at the center.

With RPO experts like Kinetix at the helm of your recruitment process, you can relax your nerves and focus on improving other core parts of your business to guarantee performance consistency.


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