February 22, 2023

How not to Screw up? Men’s Mistakes During Online Dating

Guys need to follow some communication rules in order to interest beautiful women and possibly develop relationships in the future both in personal communication and during correspondence on a dating site. There is a list of mistakes during chatting on online dating platforms like Sofiadate men often make.

Don’t act like that

Let’s get acquainted with the most common failures.


  • The dialogue is like an interrogation. The guy asks questions and the girl only has a few seconds to answer. She feels great tension and most likely, the lady will quickly want to stop the correspondence.

  • Disrespect for the interests of the interlocutor. Of course, each person has different interests. However, men should refrain from ridiculing and overly criticizing women’s hobbies. Make sure you carefully read the profile of your perfect match on Sofiadate to get to know her personality and ask only relevant questions.

  • Lack of feedback. Of course, one of the advantages of an international dating site is that you have enough time to come up with an original answer. However, you don’t need to overdo it. If a guy does not answer a girl’s question for several hours, a day or more, then she may think that the man simply does not want to communicate with her. Thus, the girl is unlikely to restart correspondence with a man via SofiaDate because an unpleasant aftertaste has already remained.

  • Ignoring information. A woman needs to know that her interlocutor hears and listens to her. Such attention of a guy to any little things from a profile page and a girl’s life will be noticed and this will contribute to the development of further communication and long term relationship. Non-involvement in the dialogue, on the contrary, will motivate the lady to find a more responsive interlocutor.

  • Using too much slang while chatting on a dating website can be a turn-off for potential partners, as it can come across as unprofessional and immature. Additionally, slang can be difficult to understand and can make it hard to have a meaningful conversation. Therefore, it is best to use standard English when you start chatting on SofiaDate, as this will help ensure that your messages are clear and understandable.

  • Being overly aggressive while chatting on a dating website can come across as intimidating and even threatening. It may make the other person feel unsafe or uncomfortable while using private chats. It is best to have a calm and respectful chat, as this will help ensure that you make a good impression and have a positive experience.

  • The use of too many emojis and emoticons on SofiaDate may be interpreted differently by various people, which can lead to unpleasant situations. Furthermore, too many emojis can cloud the message and make it difficult to understand the true meaning of the words written. 

  • Inappropriate behavior. If you write to a girl and you see that she is online, do not rush her with an answer. Don’t write offensive expressions because such a rude reaction can raise the probability that the girl will not answer at all. Men should take their time to craft thoughtful and well-written letters, as this will help them make a good impression.


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Slavic girls on Sofiadate will highly appreciate the gallantry, kindness, politeness, and literacy of a young man during correspondence. Of course, it will not be superfluous to mention your good deeds. It is possible to talk about your shortcomings because everyone has them. However, do not praise yourself too much or criticize yourself as this can only alienate the interlocutor.

Become a responsible man

Online dating just seems easy but it’s a really interesting and exciting experience, especially when you have chosen to use SofiaDate. A serious man has to try it. Moreover, the above-mentioned website has a good image and offers:


  • Free registration and the possibility to get free credits. You can use them to successfully date online and fully enjoy all the benefits of communication tools. Remember, that it’s better to stick to the golden rule.

  • A quick search for a perfect match, so you can write to an offered lady or just browse profiles of real women who are also looking for a strong relationship and are ready for a dialogue.

  • A well-thought-out credit system helps to reach the highest level of enjoyment while talking to a special woman. You can buy credits, decent chat stickers, the possibility to visit live chats, send gifts, and make meeting requests.

  • Lots of positive reviews. They demonstrate that SofiaDate is an amazing dating site with lots of profiles of real women who will make you feel alive.


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Choose SofiaDate and you won’t miss it!

What to do to attract a lady online?

If you feel that a person really evokes positive emotions in you, then do not put everything off the shelf and act now.


  • It sounds trite but the main thing is always to be yourself. Think about what kind of people you like more: people who try to seem better than they are or those who show themselves to be real, without masks? The answer is obvious. The mask will have to be removed sooner or later, so let her fall in love with the real you.

  • Be as direct and light as possible. Don’t take this as an opportunity to say whatever comes to mind. No, it’s just worth being truly honest and not lying even about small things. Talk about topics your perfect match is interested in. Don’t focus on the flaws.

  • Try to be in high spirits. There is always a positive side to almost any problem and you should seize on it.

  • Energy and sports are something that should not be neglected. Girls love guys who take care of themselves and their body type. Therefore, sport is the best friend in the struggle for a lady’s heart.

  • Listening is important but hearing is even more important. There is even a special technique – empathic listening. Its main principle is that 80% need only listen and only 20% speak.

  • Try to understand your interlocutor. Find out what she really likes. What does she want from life or this day? What worries her? Who are her parents and what is her family like? It is better to ask questions without pressure and hidden meaning. It actually allows you to get closer to the person and enjoy interesting conversations. By the way, don’t cross the line and do not ask difficult questions. Remember that this is not an interrogation but a sincere interest.

  • There must be something in common. Hobbies, interests, whatever. You can ask her to teach something that she is good at when you get a little closer. Tell her about things that you have always dreamed of and now an interesting person has appeared in your life who can and is ready to help you master this. Don’t be afraid to appear weak at something she’s strong at.


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Do you want to live a long and happy life with your chosen one? If the answer is yes, then pay attention to the review of SofiaDate. This is a great solution to find wonderful ladies and demonstrate all your peculiarities by avoiding the most widespread mistakes in chatting. Use your profile as a tool to find true love and start dating online. Always remember that all strong relationships are built on mutual respect and trust. 



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