November 16, 2021

For the common folk, it is very common to have a set of spare house keys. No one wants to get locked out of their homes or have to deal with the anxiety of not having a spare key if they lose their house keys. The sentiment is the same for everything that uses a lock and key for security, but the practice of keeping a spare key is occasionally overlooked.


A prime example of these is car keys. Most dealerships don’t usually provide you with two car keys, and the same thing applies when the vehicles get traded. It is because no law requires dealerships to provide you with two keys. Usually, no one considers getting an extra pair of car keys until they get locked outside of their car. And then they have to face the situation ‘lost my car keys..what to do now?We, at Dr. Auto Locksmith, can help you in this situation.


The experience itself is panic-inducing and stressful until the locksmith resolves it. People who get stuck in this situation need to immediately look for car keys made near me and ask for a new car key replacement. Although it makes them spend more with getting an extra set of keys on top of hiring a locksmith, the advantages of having spare car keys are nothing to scoff at, especially after going through the grueling experience of having lost my car keys.

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Let’s go over the importance of having spare car keys and why you should get one made for you.

The Importance of Spare Car Keys

There are no better reasons to get spare car keys other than the assurance that you can still access and use your car if your keys get lost. While the pricing of keys varies depending on what kind of keys your car uses. It will sometimes cost more than hiring a locksmith to unlock your vehicle. However, the amount of money and time you save in the long run will eventually show its value and pay itself back.


Sometimes, it is normal for people to be forgetful and preoccupied that they start losing some of their belongings. Keys are no different as they can get lost or even stolen, which can cause distress. Getting new car keys will take some time compared to having an extra set of car keys at the ready.



The primary importance of having a set of extra car keys is that it is still possible to use your car to get around even if you lose your car keys. However, you will have to face some inconvenience with having to go home and grab them.

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Benefits of Getting Spare Car Keys

Aside from the convenience of spare car keys, there are additional benefits and practical purposes of getting spare car keys. Below mentioned are several benefits while looking for car keys made near me that should convince you of hiring us and getting your spare keys made by us.

Cost-Efficient and Time-Saving

People usually take it as a waste of money until they experience themselves in the situation of having lost car keys. That time is a turning point that convinces one of the benefits of having a set of extra keys. Getting a set of new car keys takes time and money, which might seem too much compared to hiring a locksmith to open your vehicle. However, you should consider the amount of time and money you will save in the long run.


If you are pressed for time because something urgent came up while losing your car keys simultaneously, you will have to wait for the locksmith to arrive and do his job. The amount of time spent trying to open your car might make you miss out on many things in your life since you can’t afford to leave your car behind. Having an extra set of car keys will eliminate having to wait for a locksmith.

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Additional Car Usage

It is common for cars to be shared between family members. Many families follow this practice, which usually involves just passing the primary car keys between the members. Sometimes the car keys will stay with a family member who just went out and won’t be back until later. If you don’t have a spare copy of the key at home, no one would be able to use the car if a situation demands it; furthermore, with more people holding and using the keys, the higher the chances of getting lost car keys.


Rather than passing around the car keys between family members, it would be better for each driver to have a copy of the key or a single extra key at home for emergencies. It will prevent the car from being inaccessible at certain times and have a spare ready if the primary key gets lost or damaged.


The Convenience Gives You Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of going through the trouble of getting a car key replacement is the convenience and peace of mind just by owning an extra copy of your car keys. Having faced the situation of ‘lost my car keys’, you should now be more conscious of them and not lose them by accident. The good thing about having extra car keys is that the anxiety that comes with losing your car keys won’t be too much since you know that you have an extra copy at home.

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Other than getting lost, car keys are very suspectable to damages and can wear over time. It is a natural thing that happens to all keys with some habits from their owners speeding up the process. A spare car key can help slow down and mitigate the damage your primary key has to go through if you switch them around every other drive. This makes it so that one key is not overused and exposed to the outside elements and not as damaged to the point of snapping in half. If it does snap, you don’t have to go through the lengthy or expensive (if you decide to rush it) process of getting a car key replacement.



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