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December 18, 2021

How to pronounce Anne Hathaway correctly?It’s not what you think


Anne Hathaway and Jimmy Fallon dialed in on The Tonight Show to let us all know we’ve been saying her name is wrong all these years. So now everyone is wondering: How do you pronounce Anne Hathaway? Hint: Not what you might think. But fear not, we have the answers.


Anne Hathaway tells us we got her name wrong all these years

Anne Hathaway, 38, appeared in The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Last night, of course, via video call due to covid restrictions. She talks about how her full name became her stage name at age 14, when she first started acting, and how that decision has haunted her.


She explained that on set, people were uncomfortable calling her Annie because it felt a little unnatural. Her colleagues usually refer to her as “Miss H” or “Hath,” but she prefers everyone to call her by a different name.

So we’ve been doing it wrong all the time? Well, this is the correct way to pronounce Anne Hathaway.

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How to pronounce Anne Hathaway

On tonight’s show, Annie explained: “The only person who calls me Annie is my mother, and she only does that when she’s really mad at me”. We’ve all been there!

Instead, the actress added, she said she prefers to be called Annie.

Of course, when you mention Anne, it’s hard not to think of the iconic Broadway musical and little Anne with red hair, but Hathaway brings new meaning to the name. Now, when anyone mentions Anne, it’s immediately hard not to think of Anne Hathaway.

Fans react to Anne Hathaway’s ‘real name’ reveal

The interview was well received by fans on social media. A lot of people felt that Annie sounded like a nickname that made them feel closer to the actress.

It’s so cute to hear that Anne Hathaway is actually Anne.i like us

— Annie ? (@CallousHearts13) January 13, 2021

When I saw Julie Andrews on her book tour, I remember her saying “Annie” a few times when referring to Anne Hathaway. I’ve been wondering if this is her usual experience! How ridiculous!

— Mary Ketchum (@maryroseketchum) January 13, 2021

Maybe if you interviewed to be Anne Hathaway’s assistant after college, you already knew she was Anne. ??????????????????????????????

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– Erin Mallory Long (@erinmalorylong) January 14, 2021

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